November Is Gone…

The month of November is gone and with it all the patriotic celebrations Panamanians are so famous for.  December is here and the tricolor banners have been traded for Christmas garlands. The streets and malls are bedecked in holiday greenery, tinsel, and glittering lights.  The message is loud and clear: Santa Claus is coming to town!

A Shopper’s Paradise

If you love to shop, you will definitely fall in love with Panama.  Panama has it all.  If you want to visit famous designer shops like Chanel, Armani, Carolina Herrera, and Hermes you will find them all under one roof at Multiplaza Mall.  However, if your budget is limited you can find incredible bargains at Albrook Mall where you can easily put together a whole outfit for $20 or less.  So come on down to Panama and shop to you drop!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Several years ago I invited a family member from the States to visit me here in Panama.  His answer, “I don’t want to visit that jungle. What will I do all day, climb trees and play with the monkeys?” both surprised and offended me.  My first reaction was to try to educate him on Panama’s modern comforts and amenities. Instead of extolling Panama’s many qualities, I bit my tongue and decided maybe it was better if close minded, bigoted  people like him didn’t discover what  a true treasure Panama really is. Let him continue to believe that we all run around here in loincloths and climb trees with the monkeys. To all of those who come here with an open mind and a spirit of adventure I say, “Welcome to the Jungle!”