Street Fiddler

If you are walking down Via España you will probably run into this older gentleman playing his fiddle.  He is originally from Las Minas in the province of Herrera.  His music and his cheerful  personality are infectious. So if you are in the area drop by and enjoy as he plays a few tunes on his fiddle.

A Talented Fiddler

Here is another one of Panama’s talented street musicians. He can play a “mean” fiddle. As he plays, he’ll stand and dance a little jig. He is always impeccably dressed and loves to entertain the crowds with his repertoire of Panamanian folk music.

A Duet

On my most recent excursion to Casco Antiguo with my family, one of my kids took his ukulele with him in hope that he would be able to accompany Mr. Guantanamera in a duet.  When we approached him with the idea he was more than willing to share a moment of his time. Jorge, you are one of a kind, a real maestro, a natural born musician.

Jorge AKA Mr. Guantanamera

The other day I was walking along  Paseo de Las Bovedas in Casco Antiguo and  Mr. Guantanamera was in his usual place plucking away at his banjo and crooning a tune.  I have been a loyal fan of his since the very first day I heard him many years ago.   I have always  wanted to stop and talk to him and I finally did.  One of the things I discovered was that his name is JORGE. If you are walking around the Bovedas take a few minutes to listen to Jorge.  He puts on quite a show.

Local Talent

When you go to the Casco Antiguo, make sure you pay a visit to Las Bovedas.  As you walk along you are sure to meet up with one of Casco Antiguo’s most famous street musicians.  He is known as Mr. Guantanamera. His voice isn’t the most melodic, but he plays a mean banjo and has a style totally his own. Click on the link below to hear him sing.