Hanging Out Together

These two monkeys were hanging out together in a tree sharing some “down” time. It’s always nice to find time to share with friends and loved ones.


One of the things that amazes me about Panama is the variety of wildlife that inhabits this little isthmus.  These two monkeys were hanging out in a tree near the Gatun Locks in Colon.  

An Early Morning Sunday Visitor

This morning I woke up and went to open the curtains of my bedroom window.  Lo and behold, I caught sight of this early morning visitor.  He was perched outside my window on the neighbor’s roof.  Of course, I just had to take a picture and share it with everybody.


Yes, Another Bird Picture!

What can I say! I love birds! I love taking pictures of birds. I love posting pictures of birds…so, shoot me! Here’s another bird picture. Enjoy!


One of the things that I absolutely love about Panama is the fact that there are so many beautiful birds here. One of my favorites is the hummingbird. I love the way they zip and zoom around.  Catching them on film is no easy task. It takes patience and time. When you actually capture one, the results are sometimes spectacular.

An Interesting Crew

This boat has an interesting captain and first mate. I wonder what the rest of the crew looks like.  

A Sunday Morning Visitor

I love Sunday mornings.  A special hush comes over this over active, energetic city.  The traffic is silenced and you can hear the birds sing with clarity.  This cute little guy paid a visit to the mango tree outside my bedroom window this morning. Of course, I just happened to have my trusty camera close at hand. Say “cheese”! 

A Yummy Mango

Nothing compares to the dawning of a new day, waking up to the beautiful creation that surrounds us.  The lush countryside, the verdant foliage, and the abundant wildlife in Panama make it even more spectacular to watch.  Here, the summer is eternal and the sweet smell of exotic flowers fills the air.  This cute little squirrel takes advantage of the delicacies nature offers and enjoys a delicious mango for breakfast.


I found this little guy lounging around a pond the other day as I took a little walk around the countryside.  He seemed to be mesmerized by the beautiful landscape that surrounded him. 

No Words Needed

I was walking down the street the other day and saw this sign. No words are needed to explain this one.  It breaks all language barriers.