Plaza de Francia/ Las Bovedas

Come stroll around this beautiful plaza dedicated to the French Canal effort.  Walk up the steps that lead to Paseo Las Bovedas. Spend the afternoon checking out the local handcrafts on sale there.  There is a marvelous view of the city and the Amador Causeway from the top.

Panama Hats

A Panama hat is a traditional brimmed straw hat which is actually made in Ecuador,  not Panama. They are light-colored, lightweight, and breathable, which makes them the perfect headgear to wear here as you walk about the city. This little store in the Casco Antiguo specializes in these hats.

Panama Canal Museum

The Panama Canal Museum is located in Casco Antiguo right in front of Plaza Catedral, between Calle 5 and Calle 6. It is housed in this beautifully renovated building.

Las Monjas

This beautifully renovated building in Casco Antiguo houses several luxury apartments that can be rented on a daily or weekly basis. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a place like this? It’s pricey but breathtaking!

Original Artwork

If you stop by the Cultural Center known as Los del Patio, you will see a lot of original artwork by local and international artists.  This one one of my favorites.

Galeria de Arte Indigena

I love to stroll around the Casco Antiguo and one of the places I invariably stop at is Galeria de Arte Indigena.  They have an excellent selection of souvenirs, hand made crafts and paintings.

Las Bovedas

The word boveda means vault or dungeon in Spanish and when Casco Viejo was established, the location of Las Bóvedas was just that: a holding cell for prisoners and slaves. The restaurant bears no resemblance to a jail cell now with lovely indoor and outdoor seating on picturesque Plaza de Francia.

Rolo de Sedas

One of my favorite artists from Panama is Rolo de Sedas.  His works can be seen sprinkled across Casco Antiguo on the sides of buildings, trash cans, a vendor’s cart, or just about anywhere you can imagine.  This beautiful art piece can be found in Galerias de Arte Indigena in Casco Antiguo. It is one […]

Tsi Tsu

Another little shop that can be found in the Cultural Center Los del Patio is Tsi Tsu. Here you will find am eclectic collection of handmade jewelry and some really nice photos for sale.


If you are in the Casco Antiguo you might want to make a pit stop at Cedros, a small tavern style restaurant that has a great atmosphere, excellent service, good pizzas, all at an inexpensive price.


Arigúa is one of the small shops you can find in Los del Patio Cultural Center in Casco Antiguo.  You can find a nice selection of jewelry, organic cosmetics, purses, and clothing.  Check out their Facebook page.

Los del Patio

Los del Patio is a quaint little place in the Casco Antiguo which contains several boutiques and an art gallery.  You can find one of a kind handmade jewelry, unique art work, and even take art classes from the talented artisans.

Temple Baha’i

The beautiful Baha’i Temple.

Old Panama

Crumbling ruins are all that’s left of Old Panama ( Panamá  Viejo), the country’s first major Spanish settlement, which was destroyed by pirate Henry Morgan in 1671.

Churreria Manolo

If you are looking for a great place to drink coffee and to satisfy your sweet tooth, you should visit Churreria Manolo. There are several locations here in the city to choose from.  My personal favorite is the one on Via Argentina.  Make sure to try the churros.(see photo)

San Francisco de Assis Church

This tower is part of one of the most well known landmarks in Casco Antiguo.  It belongs to the San Francisco de Assis church, which is right across from Plaza Bolivar.

More Art in the Park

Panama is the home of many talented artists.  This is just a small sample of some of the artwork presented during the Festival Abierto in Parque Omar.

Art in the Park

Many times during the year Parque Omar is the venue for many popular art exhibits.  One of these is Festival Abierto, recently celebrated during the month of March.  

Stained Glass Beauty: A Close Up

Here is a close up of one of the beautiful stained glass windows in Iglesia del Carmen.

Stained Glass Beauties

Here are some of the beautiful stained glass windows in Iglesia del Carmen.