A True Gem: The American Trade Hotel


My sister recently came to Panama for a short vacation.  She loves Casco Viejo, so I decided to try to book her a room in The American Trade Hotel. I had admired this beautifully renovated hotel from the outside, gazing through the huge windows to get a glimpse of its classy, elegant interior, but I had never entered. I was walking past the hotel with my dog and decided to go in to see if they had rooms available for the date of my sister’s visit.  I picked up my dog and politely asked the doorman if I could enter the hotel with her. He very kindly explained to me that the owner of the hotel is a huge dog lover and that my tiny chihuahua was more than welcome in the hotel.  I talked to the receptionist and she very efficiently secured a room for my sister with a balcony view of Plaza Herrera.  I was invited, along with my dog, to sit for a while and listen to a young musician play the harp.  This hotel is pure magic.  The people are friendly, the service is excellent and everything is top of the line. Take a look at some of the photos I took and check out their website.  The American Trade Hotel receives +Five Stars from me.

Viva Panama!!!

November is a month of celebration in Panama.  It is the month of National Pride, when all Panamanians take to the streets to commemorate their separation from Colombia on November 3 and their independence from Spain on November 28.  The Panamanian flag can be seen flying all over the city.  This picture was taken at the City of Knowledge, where hundreds of flags have been planted directly in front of the Miraflores Locks.  Viva Panama!

Eternal Summer

One of the things that I love about Panama is the weather.  Some people think that it is too hot. Not me! I love the heat.  Being from South Mississippi, I do not find Panama that hot.  I love the fact that I don’t need winter clothes or have to worry about living cooped up in a house for days because of some winter snow storm. People spend a lot of time outside and outdoor activities are just a common part of everyday life here in Panama.  Go to any public park and you will see people sitting around reading the newspaper, walking their dogs or just lounging around talking to friends. Here, the summer is eternal and that’s just fine with me!

Drinking from the Faucet

I was born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and summers were extremely hot and humid.  Back then we didn’t have video games, Ipads, or any of the electronic gadgets most kids entertain themselves with today.  We spent most of our time outside playing ball, climbing trees or games like hide and seek.  When we got thirsty we didn’t  run to the refrigerator to fetch a bottle of water.  We would drink water directly from the outside faucet or the garden hose.  As you can see from this picture, some things never change.