Stained Glass Beauties

Here are some of the beautiful stained glass windows in Iglesia del Carmen.

Iglesia del Carmen

This is the interior of the beautiful Gothic church of Iglesia del Carmen. Most tourists that pass by it will snap a picture of the outside, however many do not venture inside, thus missing out on the equally amazing interior.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Panama/Catedral Metropolitana

This beautiful cathedral can be found right dab in the center of Casco Antiguo. It sits in front of the Plaza Catedral.  It is definitely worth a visit.

The Flat Arch Church

This beautiful stone church was constructed by Dominican friars and can be seen in Casco Antiguo on the corner of Avenue A and Third Street.

The Golden Altar

This famous church is a must see when you visit the Casco Antiguo.  The altar is made of gold.  Legend has it that it was saved from being looted by the infamous pirate Henry Morgan when a quick thinking priest painted it black in order to hide its value.

Spectacular Architecture

This beautiful neogothic structure is one of my favorite churches here in Panama.  It is located near the Hotel El Panama right in the center of town.