Unexpected Guest

I was walking in the area of the City of Knowledge in the early morning the other day when I ran across an unexpected guest.  This beautiful owl was perched on a nearby rooftop.  I took out my trusty little Nikon and snapped a couple of shots as he calmly looked on without batting an […]

The Brown Pelican

Brown pelicans are a common sight as you walk along the Bay of Panama.  These pictures were taken around Plaza de Francia in Casco Viejo.  

Panama Great Adventures

If you love adventures, Panama is a great place to visit.  You can river raft, hike, climb mountains, see exotic birds, ski in two oceans, and transit the Panama Canal all in one day.  You can also brave the concrete jungle in search of incredible bargains.  If you are planning a trip to Panama and […]

Toucan Sam is back!

Today I had another surprise visit from my friend Toucan Sam.  Its nice to know he likes the neighborhood.  We are proud to have such an illustrious resident here in Bella Vista.

Toucan Sam

I spent a large part of my morning trying to capture a photo of this allusive toucan.  He kept flying from tree to tree, hiding out among the branches.  Finally, around noon, I spotted him in a palm tree across the street from my apartment.  It was a long shot and the photos are a […]

Animals are Amazing!

This cute little guy was friendly and talkative.  He preened and posed for the camera as I took his picture. I think he enjoyed the photo session as much as I did.  Animals are amazing!

Beautiful Wildlife

One of the things I truly love about living in Panama is coming in contact on a daily basis with beautiful wildlife. Panama is blessed with a myriad of lovely feathered creatures like this one.  This is just one of the many perks that comes with living in a tropical paradise.

Amazing Wildlife

I have lived in Panama over thirty years and I am still amazed by the amount of wildlife that this little isthmus sustains.  I am also reminded just how fragile these creatures are and how much they depend on their habitat for survival.  Let’s protect our wildlife and our natural resources.

Another Afternoon Surprise…

Here is another example of the little surprises you can come across as you stroll around the City of Knowledge.  These guys were having a great time trying to get a female’s attention.  I sat for an hour as I watched them prance and squawk. Here they look really cute with their chests stuck out […]


When I am near the ocean I always feel a sense of serenity, even when I am the middle of this fast paced metropolis called Panama.  This peaceful scene was captured while walking on the Cinta Costera as hundreds of cars swept by hurriedly on the way somewhere important. 

Golden Oriole Nests

These strange looking hanging baskets are actually nests built by the beautiful Golden Oriole. This picture was taken at the Gatun Locks in Colon.

Early Morning Meeting

Here in this bustling city, business deals get started early. Any given morning,  you can go to any coffee shop or restaurant and find men in suit and ties, mapping out their financial future.  As I walked along the Cinta Costera early this morning I caught sight of a different kind of meeting.   I […]

Not A Trash Can…

This little fellow stares out at the Bay of Panama contemplating the garbage that some people insist on depositing in our waterways.  When you are about to throw something into the water, remember that this is NOT A TRASH CAN!

It’s a Family Affair

This family of pelicans seems to have taken over this boat.  I wonder if the boat owner is aware that he has a whole flock of pelicans watching over his interests.

A Travelling Companion

My Sunday visitor returned and this time he brought a friend.  It is always nice to have a travelling companion, right?

An Early Morning Sunday Visitor

This morning I woke up and went to open the curtains of my bedroom window.  Lo and behold, I caught sight of this early morning visitor.  He was perched outside my window on the neighbor’s roof.  Of course, I just had to take a picture and share it with everybody. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow-headed_Caracara


One of the things that I absolutely love about Panama is the fact that there are so many beautiful birds here. One of my favorites is the hummingbird. I love the way they zip and zoom around.  Catching them on film is no easy task. It takes patience and time. When you actually capture one, […]

An Interesting Crew

This boat has an interesting captain and first mate. I wonder what the rest of the crew looks like.  

Chillin’ …

As I walked along the bay area I came across this happy little duck, bobbing in and out of the water as he caught his supper.  I sat and watched him for a little while.  After he ate his fill, he just kind of cruised along in the water.  I guess that was his way […]

In Flight

As I was walking along the Cinta Costera the other day, I captured this picture of a gull in flight.  Watching him fly, gliding effortlessly through the sky, gave me a sense of peace amid the madness that sometimes engulfs us in this growing metropolis called Panama.