Weekend Flea Market

If you are walking around the Casco Viejo on the weekends you will probably want to check out the flea market in Plaza Catedral.  There you can find a nice selection of handcrafts made by national and international artisans.  

A Close Up

Here is a close up of the beautiful crystal ornaments that adorn the Multiplaza Swarovski Christmas Tree.

O Christmas Tree!

While walking around Multiplaza Mall looking for some Christmas gifts, I was some amazing Christmas trees.  My favorite is the Swarovski tree. Awesome!  http://youtu.be/tbQaFINAaKc

Penguins in Panama?

It seems that some special visitors have arrived from Antarctica.  These little guys really need to trade their winter attire for some shades, Panama hats and sunscreen.  Welcome to Christmas in the tropics!

November Is Gone…

The month of November is gone and with it all the patriotic celebrations Panamanians are so famous for.  December is here and the tricolor banners have been traded for Christmas garlands. The streets and malls are bedecked in holiday greenery, tinsel, and glittering lights.  The message is loud and clear: Santa Claus is coming to […]

Casablanca Antiques

If you are a collector of antiques or just enjoy browsing around quaint little shops, Casablanca Antiques is worth a visit.  It is located in Bella Vista and has several rooms filled with antiques and collectibles. http://panamacity.angloinfo.com/classifieds/viewfeatured/48270/antique-furniture-and-art-casablanca-antiques-and-designs/

A Shopper’s Paradise

If you love to shop, you will definitely fall in love with Panama.  Panama has it all.  If you want to visit famous designer shops like Chanel, Armani, Carolina Herrera, and Hermes you will find them all under one roof at Multiplaza Mall.  However, if your budget is limited you can find incredible bargains at […]

Welcome to the Jungle!

Several years ago I invited a family member from the States to visit me here in Panama.  His answer, “I don’t want to visit that jungle. What will I do all day, climb trees and play with the monkeys?” both surprised and offended me.  My first reaction was to try to educate him on Panama’s […]

Panama Hats

A Panama hat is a traditional brimmed straw hat which is actually made in Ecuador,  not Panama. They are light-colored, lightweight, and breathable, which makes them the perfect headgear to wear here as you walk about the city. This little store in the Casco Antiguo specializes in these hats.   http://cascoviejo.com/victor-s-panama-hats/

Sunday Flea Market

Once a month on Sundays you can visit the Flea Market in Plaza Catedral.  Check out the bargains, have a bite to eat, or just watch the people go by.http://cascoviejo.com/flea-market-food-fair/  http://www.panamanotes.com/2009Notes/index_files/a8d2216ca9c9b2f17208bfa9a166956e-17.html