Delicious Thai Food

Sukhi is a restaurant in Obarrio specializing in Thai food.  The atmosphere is casual and friendly.  The food is very good and the prices are affordable.  I love the cool, refreshing beverages that are served here.  The iced orange tea and the coconut lemonade are my favorites.  Check out the link below for reviews.

No Wi-Fi

I was strolling around the Casco Viejo the other day when I ran across this sign in a local restaurant.  I love technology and like most people in this modern world, I rely on my internet connection for many things.  However, there are moments, when we need to disconnect and spend more time talking to the people who are sitting next to us, the people who take time out to spend with us.  The internet can wait.  The messages  sent through social medias will still be there when you “reconnect”, but maybe the people sitting next to you now won’t be.

Caffe Pomodoro

If you are a fan of Italian food, you should visit Caffe Pomodoro on the Via Veneto.  The pasta dishes are delicious and well priced.  There is a beautiful courtyard area for those who like to sit outside and an air conditioned area for those who don’t like the heat.  The menu is varied and the servings are generous. If you want to experience a bit of Italy, give Caffe Pomodoro a try. Check out some reviews on the link below.

Pan y Canela

On my visit to La Plaza in the City of Knowledge, I chose to lunch at Pan y Canela, a restuarant/bakery that offers a large choice of breads, sweets, sandwiches, soups and coffees.  I had a turkey sandwich with fries and a cappuccino.  The sandwich and fries were good but my favorite was the cappuccino. It was awesome. This place is usually very crowded but the service is fast and efficient.

Petit Paris

Today I had a nice lunch in Petit Paris in Marbella.  If you like bread, sweets and coffee, this is definitely a place you should visit.  There is a large variety of breads to choose from. There are many delicious delights to satisfy your sweet tooth, too.  What caught my attention was the long list of coffees available. Despite all the options,  I decided to go with the traditional cappuccino.  It was very nice and strong, just the way I like it.  I accompanied my coffee with a very good spinach quiche.  The food was good but the service was a little slow, so I suggest you go when you aren’t in a hurry.