Tre Scalini Boquete

Tre Scalini has opened up a beautiful, quaint restaurant in Boquete. The decor is lovely and the service is good.  If you are in Boquete and want to treat yourself to a delicious Italian meal, visit Tre Scalini.

Re Pomodoro Boquete

My family and I spent New Year’s in Boquete.  On January 1st we went searching for a place to have lunch.  Most places were closed and we were beginning to believe we were going to have to skip lunch when we happened to stumble across Re Pomodoro in Plaza Los Establos.  The owners are Italian […]

A Touch of Paris in Panama

This beautiful little French cafe can be found in the upscale Soho Mall on Calle 50. It is a lovely sight to behold.  The pastries are beautifully done and just as delicious.  However, be prepared to pay a handsome price for these delicacies.  A lunch for two can run between $60 to $90.  

Cafe Unido-Multiplaza

The new Cafe Unidos in Multiplaza is beautifully decorated and offers the same delicious food and coffee as in the other branches.  It is in the new section of the mall down from Hermes,  so it has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.  Drop by and check it out. You won’t be sorry.  My personal favorite […]

Fonda Pritty-Pritty

Here in Panama, when we want to say something is nice or “cool”, we use the word “pritty”. It’s the Panamanian version of pretty.  If you are in Casco Viejo and really want to try some authentic Panamanian food, then I suggest you visit the Fonda Pritty Pritty.  It is right across from the Policia […]

Dodó Bon Pan Café Today I visited a quaint little cafe in Plaza de Francia called Dodó Bon Pan Café.  The ambiance was marvelous, the service was impeccable, and the food was excellent.  It is not often that you find all these qualities in a restaurant and all at a very reasonable price. 

Casa Sucre

The other day I was walking around the Casco and decided to enter Casa Sucre Coffeehouse.  It was my first time there and I have to say I really liked the ambiance.  The service was very good.  I had some coffee and some quiche. I will definitely be returning to try some of the sandwiches. […]


Tacontento is a Mexican food franchise in Multiplaza Mall.  If you enjoy Mexican food you should be able to find something delicious on their extensive menu to please your palate.  The decor is lovely and very colorful.  The service is good  although you may have to wait in line for a while. The prices are […]

Charming Cafes

Panama is known for its good eateries and cafes.  You can dine out every night and never eat in the same place.  Casco Viejo is a perfect example of the variety that is available.  Here are just a few of the options you can choose from in while your touring Casco Viejo.

Valentine’s Day

February is here,  the month to celebrate love and friendship.  If you are looking for a gift to give someone special, check out Athanasiou.  They have a huge selection of chocolates and sweet delights that would certainly please any person on your Valentine’s Day gift list. Check out their Facebook page.

Delicious Thai Food

Sukhi is a restaurant in Obarrio specializing in Thai food.  The atmosphere is casual and friendly.  The food is very good and the prices are affordable.  I love the cool, refreshing beverages that are served here.  The iced orange tea and the coconut lemonade are my favorites.  Check out the link below for reviews.

No Wi-Fi

I was strolling around the Casco Viejo the other day when I ran across this sign in a local restaurant.  I love technology and like most people in this modern world, I rely on my internet connection for many things.  However, there are moments, when we need to disconnect and spend more time talking to […]

Gatun Locks Restaurant

There is a very good restaurant at the Gatun Locks visitor center. This service is provided by the prestigious Hotel El Panama.  The menu is varied and offers a range of delicious meat, fish and pasta dishes.  


This delicious plate of angel hair pasta is just one of the many options you can choose from at Caffe Pomodoro on  Via Veneto.  Come with an appetite because the portions are very generous.

Caffe Pomodoro

If you are a fan of Italian food, you should visit Caffe Pomodoro on the Via Veneto.  The pasta dishes are delicious and well priced.  There is a beautiful courtyard area for those who like to sit outside and an air conditioned area for those who don’t like the heat.  The menu is varied and […]

Pan y Canela

On my visit to La Plaza in the City of Knowledge, I chose to lunch at Pan y Canela, a restuarant/bakery that offers a large choice of breads, sweets, sandwiches, soups and coffees.  I had a turkey sandwich with fries and a cappuccino.  The sandwich and fries were good but my favorite was the cappuccino. […]

Tea, anyone?

Anyone care for a spot of tea?  The T Bar in La Plaza offers a large variety of delicious, quality teas to choose from.  They also have a very interesting menu of fusion foods. If you are looking for a different food experience, this place is definitely worth trying.

La Plaza- City of Knowledge

I was truly impressed by the beautiful design of the food court in La Plaza.  The fountain and the landscaping create a peaceful, serene atmosphere.

City of Knowledge

I ventured out to Clayton to the City of Knowledge to check out the new food court called La Plaza.  What I found was an amazingly modern and exquisitely designed plaza that offers a variety of first class restaurants and small shops.  

Petit Paris

Today I had a nice lunch in Petit Paris in Marbella.  If you like bread, sweets and coffee, this is definitely a place you should visit.  There is a large variety of breads to choose from. There are many delicious delights to satisfy your sweet tooth, too.  What caught my attention was the long list […]