Taking a Break

The other day I took my dog for a walk at Parque Urraca in Bella Vista. When I arrived, these two members of the city’s cleaning crew were taking a nap on one of the park benches. I sat on a nearby  bench while my dog played in the park.  These two slept peacefully through […]

Cooling Off!

One of the attractions that kids love at the recently inaugurated addition to the Cinta Costera are these little water spouts.  It looked like so much fun that I almost took off my shoes and ran through it myself.

New Addition

The new addition to the Cinta Costera is absolutely spectacular.  This new area that was recently opened to the public offers a huge recreational space for families to enjoy. I think the city outdid itself with this one.  

Parque Urraca

I was walking past Parque Urraca today on my way home and came across a celebration in the park.  There was a mini-fair going on, complete with magicians, jugglers, live music, and games for the kiddies. I just happened to have my trusty camera on hand to snap a couple of pictures.   http://eventseeker.com/panama-city/391712-venue-parque-urraca

Einstein’s Head

This concrete version of Einstein’s head isn’t exactly what you would call a tourist attraction.  However, here in Panama where no one knows the names of the streets, it is used as a point of reference for taxi drivers and pedestrians.  So if you ask someone for directions and they tell you it’s close to […]

Plaza de Francia/ Las Bovedas

Come stroll around this beautiful plaza dedicated to the French Canal effort.  Walk up the steps that lead to Paseo Las Bovedas. Spend the afternoon checking out the local handcrafts on sale there.  There is a marvelous view of the city and the Amador Causeway from the top.  http://cascoviejo.com/plaza-francia/

Sunday Flea Market

Once a month on Sundays you can visit the Flea Market in Plaza Catedral.  Check out the bargains, have a bite to eat, or just watch the people go by.http://cascoviejo.com/flea-market-food-fair/  http://www.panamanotes.com/2009Notes/index_files/a8d2216ca9c9b2f17208bfa9a166956e-17.html

A Friendly Welcome

When you arrive at the Rainforest Discovery Center you will probably be welcomed by the center’s friendly ambassador, Mr. Rocky Raccoon.  He will follow you around, especially if he smells food.   If you let him get close enough, he will even check your pockets, backpack or purse. http://www.pipelineroad.org/

Rainforest Discovery Center

If you go up the Pipeline Road, you will come to the Rainforest Discovery Center. It is an excellent place to bird watch and to admire  the luxuriant jungle foliage.  http://www.pipelineroad.org/

An Afternoon Stroll

The Cinta Costera is an excellent choice for an afternoon stroll or a bike ride.  Many city dwellers take advantage of this recreational area to play a friendly game of basketball or just to hang out and chill for a while as they watch the sun set over the bay. http://cintacostera.com/

Plaza de Francia

Plaza de Francia is a beautiful location in Casco Antiguo dedicated to the French citizens who first initiated the Panama Canal.  http://cascoviejo.com/    http://www.thepanamanews.com/pn/v_09/issue_10/travel_02.html

Parque Omar

Parque Omar is also the site of many open air concerts and festivals.  People come on the weekends to listen to music or to have a picnic with their family. http://www.panama-guide.com/article.php/20060305172233945

A Birdwatcher’s Dream Come True

If you are a birdwatcher, Panama will not disappoint you.  You will be amazed by the variety of birds that can be sighted here.  Some will even pose for the picture! http://www.canopytower.com/    http://www.birdingpanama.com/

The Causeway

Another great place to visit is the Causeway.  You can take a leisurely walk, jog, skate or ride your bike down this man made thoroughfare that connects several little islands.  If you aren’t into exercising than you can visit one of the many restaurants or nightclubs that are located there.  One of my favorites is […]

More Great Adventures!

A great place to go birdwatching is in Gamboa.  The flora and fauna are magnificent.  Birds abound! If you are interested in a tour along the Pipeline Road give Panama Great Adventures a call at (507) 317-0791.  Ask for Maria Isabel Herrera.  She is the best travel planner EVER! This picture is just a small […]

Great Adventures…

If you love to indulge in birdwatching, Panama is the place to visit.  There is an excellent company that specializes in birdwatching tours called Panama Great Adventures.  I highly recommend it for its organization, its incredible service, and the high quality tours it sponsors.  Visit their website at panamagreatadventures.com or you may email the owner/operator […]

La Cinta Costera

The Cinta Costera is a recreational area right dab in the center of the city.  It is located on Avenida Balboa and is visited by thousands of people each day. Some go to skate, others to ride bikes, and some go to sit leisurely and unwind as they catch the ocean’s cool breeze.  http://cintacostera.com/