Men At Work..

The new phase of the Cinta Costera is underway and is progressing quickly.  Workers work night and day to try and complete this phase of the Cinta Costera which will circle around the Casco Antiguo.

Not A Trash Can…

This little fellow stares out at the Bay of Panama contemplating the garbage that some people insist on depositing in our waterways.  When you are about to throw something into the water, remember that this is NOT A TRASH CAN!


As I walked along the Cinta Costera this morning, the sun fought bravely to break through the clouds, creating this image of peaceful beauty.

A Travelling Companion

My Sunday visitor returned and this time he brought a friend.  It is always nice to have a travelling companion, right?


  Sometimes,  we have a tendency to rush here and there, trying to accomplish everything on our To Do List and we forget to give ourselves a little break. The next time you are filling out you agenda or making your list of things to do, don’t forget to add this important notation- “Take a […]

An Early Morning Sunday Visitor

This morning I woke up and went to open the curtains of my bedroom window.  Lo and behold, I caught sight of this early morning visitor.  He was perched outside my window on the neighbor’s roof.  Of course, I just had to take a picture and share it with everybody.

Yes, Another Bird Picture!

What can I say! I love birds! I love taking pictures of birds. I love posting pictures of birds…so, shoot me! Here’s another bird picture. Enjoy!

An Interesting Crew

This boat has an interesting captain and first mate. I wonder what the rest of the crew looks like.  

Chillin’ …

As I walked along the bay area I came across this happy little duck, bobbing in and out of the water as he caught his supper.  I sat and watched him for a little while.  After he ate his fill, he just kind of cruised along in the water.  I guess that was his way […]

Smile for the Camera!

If you happen by the bus stop in front of the Alianza Francesa in Bella Vista,  you will come face to face with this interesting tree,  I have been wanting to take his picture for quite some time.  Today I went prepared with my camera. I asked him to smile for the camera and this […]

New Addition

The new addition to the Cinta Costera is absolutely spectacular.  This new area that was recently opened to the public offers a huge recreational space for families to enjoy. I think the city outdid itself with this one.  

A Sunday Morning Visitor

I love Sunday mornings.  A special hush comes over this over active, energetic city.  The traffic is silenced and you can hear the birds sing with clarity.  This cute little guy paid a visit to the mango tree outside my bedroom window this morning. Of course, I just happened to have my trusty camera close […]

A Yummy Mango

Nothing compares to the dawning of a new day, waking up to the beautiful creation that surrounds us.  The lush countryside, the verdant foliage, and the abundant wildlife in Panama make it even more spectacular to watch.  Here, the summer is eternal and the sweet smell of exotic flowers fills the air.  This cute little […]


I found this little guy lounging around a pond the other day as I took a little walk around the countryside.  He seemed to be mesmerized by the beautiful landscape that surrounded him. 

Good Morning Panama!

The sun rises on yet another lovely day in this tropical paradise called Panama.  The birds sing, a cool breeze softly whispers through the trees as I bask in the silence of the early morning hours. All creation seems to have come together to say “Good Morning Panama!”.

Perky Pelican

As I was walking along the Cinta Costera I caught sight of this perky pelican hanging out in a tree.  He seemed to be looking out over the water contemplating the horizon or maybe he was scanning the water for his next meal.  Who knows. The important thing is that I was carrying my camera […]

Another Lucky Shot

“Lucky shots” are common occurrences when you live in  Panama, where birds and wildlife abound.  As you walk along the city streets don’t be surprised if a flock of parrots or pelicans fly overhead.  I am always delighted when I can capture these beauties with my camera.

Panama…It’s for the Birds!

Another beautiful bird I just happened to run into. This one was taking a little rest perched on a fence. I am glad that I was armed and ready with my trusty camera! 

Wildlife in the City

If you are a bird watcher you don’t even have to leave the city to see exotic feathered beauties.  This cute little fellow posed for my camera while I shot his picture from my bedroom window, right dab in the middle of the city.  

Nature’s Abundance

Panama is a country that has been blessed with an abundance of plants and animals. Wherever you go, animals in their natural habitats can be observed. These lovely water fowl were captured on film while on a short jaunt outside the city limits.