Kuna Women

The Kuna Indians inhabit the Comarca de San Blas or, Kuna Yala. This is an autonomous region that comprises the Archipelago de San Blas. The  Kuna society is  matrilineal and a newly married husband is required to move into his wife’s compound.The women play an important part in providing for the family, embroidering intricately designed and […]

Friendly Conversation

These two Kuna ladies take a break from selling their handcrafts and indulge in a little friendly conversation.

Colorful Kuna

I have always admired the colorful attire that the Kuna women wear.  They wear wrap around skirts and hand made molas.  The mola is an intricately sewn cloth made from many layers of fabric. Their legs and arms are wrapped in handcrafted beads of many colors creating different geometric designs. http://public.cwp.net.pa/~bowerman/page3.html  

Kuna Indians

One of the most well known indigenous groups here in Panama are the Kuna Indians. They are famous for their handmade molas and jewelry.  The women dress in bright colors and incorporate their craftmanship into their native costume. http://public.cwpanama.net/~bowerman/page3.html


If you are looking for a souvenir to take home as a gift, a handmade mola is the perfect item.  It is hand sewn by the Kuna Indians with different color cloth placed on top of each other in layers.  Each one is an original and unique work of art.