Friendly Conversation

These two Kuna ladies take a break from selling their handcrafts and indulge in a little friendly conversation.

Colorful Kuna

I have always admired the colorful attire that the Kuna women wear.  They wear wrap around skirts and hand made molas.  The mola is an intricately sewn cloth made from many layers of fabric. Their legs and arms are wrapped in handcrafted beads of many colors creating different geometric designs.  

Nothing Like a Hammock…

One of the joys of living in Panama is its fantastic climate.  I really like being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and the warm weather.  Is there any better way to kick back and relax than a nice comfy hammock? Beautiful, multicolored hammocks are handcrafted here in Panama and sold for a pittance.  All you […]

Local Handcrafts

In La Arena you can buy many different types of local handcrafts made by talented artisans.  Many of these are crafted from the bounteous clay in this area of the country.