November: A Month of Celebration!

Panamanians are happy people who enjoy life.  This joy for life and love for celebration can be witnessed in the verve and zest with which they celebrate their patriotism in the month of November.  Check out the link below to see what days are celebrated and why.  I leave you with a couple of photos […]

November 5th: Colón Day

November 5th is the day Panama celebrates the valor and courage the people of the province of Colón showed in the fight to separate from Colombia.  I pay tribute to this province with these pictures of the traditional Congo dance and the attire used by the residents of Colon. 

Panama Celebrates!!!

On November 3, 1903, Panama separated from Colombia and became an independent country.  Today the country puts on its best traditional attire and takes to the street to commemorate this historic event.  Viva Panama!!!!


“Tembleque” is the term given to the ornaments used by women in their hair when they wear the pollera, the national folk dress.  They are created in a way that they move or shake as the woman walks.  The word tembleque is derived from the Spanish word “temblar” which means to shake or quiver. These […]


The beautiful Panamanian pollera is complemented with incredible accessories.  The head piece is usually made of pearls and the gold jewelry that is added to this attire is simply spectacular. 

La Pollera

This beautiful dress is called La Pollera. It is the national folkloric dress here in Panama.  It is completely made by hand and costs thousands of dollars. It can take six months to a year to make one dress. This dress is complimented by special gold jewelry and a headpieces called tembleques.


Arigúa is one of the small shops you can find in Los del Patio Cultural Center in Casco Antiguo.  You can find a nice selection of jewelry, organic cosmetics, purses, and clothing.  Check out their Facebook page.