Gatun Lake Tour

Gatun Lake forms a major component of the Panama Canal.You can take a tour and immerse yourself in the nature, history and impressive engineering of the Panama Canal during this 45-minute boat tour.  This major part of the canal is home to abundant tropical wildlife and is surrounded by a lush forest. I recently took one […]

Serene Sunrise

A certain serenity can be found in the morning hours before the madness of traffic jams and rushing people take over.  Those moments are fleeting but majestic in their vibrant colors as the sun rises over the bay.

Danger: Explosives!!!

  The Panama Canal  is expanding its capacity to allow for more than double the traffic it currently serves. To be completed in 2015, the project that includes a third set of locks which are larger and wider than the existing ones, will cost $5.6 billion. This extreme makeover requires the use of explosives.  In the […]

Cruisin’ the Canal To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal, I decided to take a partial transit tour of this amazing engineering feat.  I have lived here for 34 years and had never actually transited the Canal.  I boarded the boat at Gamboa at 11 a.m. and arrived at the Causeway around 8 p.m. It […]

100 Years Old and Still Going Strong

The Panama Canal was inaugurated in 1914.  This important waterway has serviced the world for 100 years.  When you take into account that it was built 100 years ago, you realize what an amazing engineering feat it was for its day.

Panama Great Adventures

If you love adventures, Panama is a great place to visit.  You can river raft, hike, climb mountains, see exotic birds, ski in two oceans, and transit the Panama Canal all in one day.  You can also brave the concrete jungle in search of incredible bargains.  If you are planning a trip to Panama and […]


I never get tired of walking along the Bay of Panama.  The salt air exhilarates me and the colorful fishing boats fill me with nostalgia for my hometown on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I miss home sometimes, but sights like this one would sorely be missed if I were to ever leave Panama.

In Transit

These ships were captured in transit on their way through the Panama Canal. These pictures were taken at the visitor’s center at the Gatun Locks in Colon.

Bay of Panama

As I lounged around the pool at Finesterre Hotel in Bella Vista, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the beautiful view of the Bay of Panama. Awesome!


When I am near the ocean I always feel a sense of serenity, even when I am the middle of this fast paced metropolis called Panama.  This peaceful scene was captured while walking on the Cinta Costera as hundreds of cars swept by hurriedly on the way somewhere important. 

Early Morning Meeting

Here in this bustling city, business deals get started early. Any given morning,  you can go to any coffee shop or restaurant and find men in suit and ties, mapping out their financial future.  As I walked along the Cinta Costera early this morning I caught sight of a different kind of meeting.   I […]


This boat is named “huracan”, which means hurricane.  Panama, because of its geographic location, is not prone to hurricanes.  While others battle tropical storms and hurricanes, Panama is blessed with calm seas and soft breezes almost year round. Hopefully, this is the only “huracan” Panama ever hosts in its beautiful, placid seas.

A Fisherman’s Life

I come from a small town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, so I am familiar with the toils of a fisherman’s life.  It is hard work that begins before dawn and sometimes doesn’t end until well into the night. Despite the arduous work, there is a certain peace that comes with this intimate fellowship with […]

It’s a Family Affair

This family of pelicans seems to have taken over this boat.  I wonder if the boat owner is aware that he has a whole flock of pelicans watching over his interests.

Fishing Boats

I love to sit in front of the bay and watch the boats off in the distance. I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where scenes like this are common. Ever since I was a little kid I have gotten a kick out of  reading the names that the owners have christened their boats […]

An Awesome City!

I love the way the old boat contrasts sharply with the cityscape and at the same time manages to blend in. We live in an awesome city! Panama is a unique place that is constantly changing and evolving. 

Sailing and Yacht Charters

Panama is virtually surrounded by water on all sides.  You have the Pacific Ocean on one side, the Caribbean on the other.  and the Panama Canal in the middle of the country. This is definitely a paradise for fishermen, boatmen, and any one who loves the water. If you are looking for aquatic adventures, Panama […]

Modern comforts mixed with tropical beauty…

 Panama offers both the comforts of a modern metropolis and the natural beauty of tropical paradise.

Causeway Marina

If you love the water, come take a walk along the Causeway and delight in the sights and sounds of a true water lover’s paradise.

Peace and Tranquility

If you are looking for peace and tranquility, Panama is full of places to relax.  Come and immerse yourself in the lush greenery and the peaceful waters of Panama’s countryside.  You won’t want to leave!