Color Me Beautiful

If you have spent some time walking around Casco Viejo you have probably seen these lovely Panamanian beauties adorning the walls, windows and even the trash cans in this area.  They are the original designs of a very talented Panamanian artist called Rolo de Sedas.  I am a great admirer of his work and hope to have one of his original paintings hanging in my living room one day. 

Festival Abierto

Festival Abierto is a activity that is held every year in Parque Omar.  It was created to promote awareness of our fragile environment and how we have an impact on our surroundings. We all have the power to initiate actions that can generate great changes in our society. Many local and international artists worked to create different art pieces to promote cultural awareness.  Here are just a few samples.

Botero’s Via Crucis

Today I visited the Panama Canal Museum in Casco Antiguo to see Fernando Botero’s Via Crucis which is on display there until June 16.  The paintings were magnificent, as I expected they would be.  However, what I enjoyed the most were the pencil sketches that come at the end of the exposition.  They were incredible.  I apologize for not posting any pictures,  picture taking is not allowed inside the museum.  The entrance to the exposition is a measly $5, so go on down to the Panama Canal Museum and check out this lovely display of talent.

More Art…

There are many talented artists that reside in Panama.  Many of these artists have come from other countries and have made Panama their home.  Most of them are attracted to the Bohemian atmosphere of the Casco Antiguo.  As you walk around this historic part of the city, you may come  face to face with their artwork or with the artists themselves.