The High Price of Progress

As Panama grows and progresses, we must not forget that we share this paradise with other species. This little fellow seems to be contemplating the encroaching buildings. Progress always comes with a price tag. Hopefully our wildlife will not pay the price.

Administration Building

The Panama Canal Administration Building was inaugurated on July 15, 1914,  a month before the Canal itself.  From that moment, this beautiful  legacy from the past has continued to dominate the Balboa area towering majestically from atop its rolling hill.

Plaza de Francia/ Las Bovedas

Come stroll around this beautiful plaza dedicated to the French Canal effort.  Walk up the steps that lead to Paseo Las Bovedas. Spend the afternoon checking out the local handcrafts on sale there.  There is a marvelous view of the city and the Amador Causeway from the top.

Las Monjas

This beautifully renovated building in Casco Antiguo houses several luxury apartments that can be rented on a daily or weekly basis. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a place like this? It’s pricey but breathtaking!

Las Bovedas

The word boveda means vault or dungeon in Spanish and when Casco Viejo was established, the location of Las Bóvedas was just that: a holding cell for prisoners and slaves. The restaurant bears no resemblance to a jail cell now with lovely indoor and outdoor seating on picturesque Plaza de Francia.

Temple Baha’i

The beautiful Baha’i Temple.

Old Panama

Crumbling ruins are all that’s left of Old Panama ( Panamá  Viejo), the country’s first major Spanish settlement, which was destroyed by pirate Henry Morgan in 1671.

San Francisco de Assis Church

This tower is part of one of the most well known landmarks in Casco Antiguo.  It belongs to the San Francisco de Assis church, which is right across from Plaza Bolivar.

Stained Glass Beauty: A Close Up

Here is a close up of one of the beautiful stained glass windows in Iglesia del Carmen.

Stained Glass Beauties

Here are some of the beautiful stained glass windows in Iglesia del Carmen.

Iglesia del Carmen

This is the interior of the beautiful Gothic church of Iglesia del Carmen. Most tourists that pass by it will snap a picture of the outside, however many do not venture inside, thus missing out on the equally amazing interior.

An Impressive Skyline

Every day a new building crops up on the already crowded skyline here in Panama.  As property becomes more scarce and more expensive, the buildings grow taller and taller.  Sometimes I hurt my neck trying to look up at these giants that loom over the city.

A Full View of the Hard Rock Hotel

This is what the Hard Rock Hotel looks like from the ground.  This 66 story building houses 1,500 rooms and suites.

At Dusk

A captivating view of the city at dusk.

Color Laden Balconies

Colorful flowers accentuate the beauty and the quaintness of the Casco Antiguo’s delicate architecture.

Profusion of Flowers

Come and immerse yourself in the profusion of multicolored flowers that dangle from the balconies in the Casco Antiguo.  Take a relaxing stroll through its quiet streets and let its old world charm take you back in time.

The Flat Arch Church

This beautiful stone church was constructed by Dominican friars and can be seen in Casco Antiguo on the corner of Avenue A and Third Street.

The Golden Altar

This famous church is a must see when you visit the Casco Antiguo.  The altar is made of gold.  Legend has it that it was saved from being looted by the infamous pirate Henry Morgan when a quick thinking priest painted it black in order to hide its value.

Biodiversity Museum: Panama, Bridge of Life

The Biodiversity Museum: Panama, Bridge of Life is the official name of this museum.  It is the ambitious project designed by the world renowned architect, Frank Gehry, who designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.      

Modern comforts mixed with tropical beauty…

 Panama offers both the comforts of a modern metropolis and the natural beauty of tropical paradise.