Clayton AKA City of Knowledge

This area was once the U.S. military base that housed the troops that protected the Canal Zone.  It was totally off limits to the Panamanian citizens.  Now, these buildings in the background house schools and organizations such as the United Nations and Unicef.  It is a beautiful area with an incredible view.  The Miraflores locks are directly in front of the main entrance.  

Laundry Day in the Casco

 Many cities around the world try “to perfect” certain areas to make them more attractive for tourists. In this thirst for perfection, some places lose their cultural identity. One of the things I love about the Casco Antiguo is that it has not lost its uniqueness or charm even though it has become an important tourist attraction. Here, it’s laundry day in the Casco and the local residents are taking advantage of the sun. 

Gentrification of Casco Antiguo

This photograph shows what most of Casco Antiguo looked like when I first arrived here more than thirty years ago.  Since my arrival this area has undergone a  major metamorphosis and has turned into a beautiful neighborhood of renovated houses, small shops, art galleries, and restaurants.  Although there is still a lot of work to be done in this sector, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations here in Panama.

Panama: Something for Everyone

If you are planning to relocate here in Panama, there is something here for everyone.  Here is an interesting article that explains the different neighborhoods Panama has to offer and how to choose the perfect area to live in.

Hotel Riu

If you are coming to Panama on business and need a hotel right dab in the center of the financial center, then  you might want to consider Hotel Riu on Calle 50.  Most banks and many important businesses are within walking distance.  The hotel is spacious and modern.  I have never stayed there, but I have eaten in the restaurant and the coffee shop.  The coffee shop gets five stars from me. However, I wasn’t too impressed with the restaurant and its service.  Below is a picture of the hotel lobby.