Perky Pelican

As I was walking along the Cinta Costera I caught sight of this perky pelican hanging out in a tree.  He seemed to be looking out over the water contemplating the horizon or maybe he was scanning the water for his next meal.  Who knows. The important thing is that I was carrying my camera […]

A Four Legged Resident of Casco Antiguo

On one of my recent visits  to Casco Antiguo I was greeted by this cute little pooch, who stuck his head through the wrought iron railings and peered down at me as I walked by. He seemed to want to come down to the street and have some fun.  Well, friends, whether you have four […]

The High Price of Progress

As Panama grows and progresses, we must not forget that we share this paradise with other species. This little fellow seems to be contemplating the encroaching buildings. Progress always comes with a price tag. Hopefully our wildlife will not pay the price.

A Birdwatcher’s Dream Come True

If you are a birdwatcher, Panama will not disappoint you.  You will be amazed by the variety of birds that can be sighted here.  Some will even pose for the picture!

More Great Adventures!

A great place to go birdwatching is in Gamboa.  The flora and fauna are magnificent.  Birds abound! If you are interested in a tour along the Pipeline Road give Panama Great Adventures a call at (507) 317-0791.  Ask for Maria Isabel Herrera.  She is the best travel planner EVER! This picture is just a small […]

Great Adventures…

If you love to indulge in birdwatching, Panama is the place to visit.  There is an excellent company that specializes in birdwatching tours called Panama Great Adventures.  I highly recommend it for its organization, its incredible service, and the high quality tours it sponsors.  Visit their website at or you may email the owner/operator […]

Birdwatchers are welcome!

Morning has broken and wherever you look you find beauty.  Panama is a thriving city in the middle of a diverse biosphere where nature virtually jumps out at you.  This beautiful hummingbird was captured on film just a few minutes outside the city in Gamboa.  If you are a birdwatcher, Panama is the place to […]