An Afternoon Bike Ride

When I was a kid, I used to love to ride my bike.  Of course, I grew up in a little town in South Mississippi where there were plenty of places to ride with very little traffic.  However, riding a bike here in Panama is a challenge.  The Cinta Costera offers the perfect place to […]

Beautiful Sunset

The sun casts a colorful glow over the City of Knowledge as it makes its afternoon descent.  A group of young girls engage in a friendly game of flag football.  What a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Amazing Wildlife

I have lived in Panama over thirty years and I am still amazed by the amount of wildlife that this little isthmus sustains.  I am also reminded just how fragile these creatures are and how much they depend on their habitat for survival.  Let’s protect our wildlife and our natural resources.

Another Afternoon Surprise…

Here is another example of the little surprises you can come across as you stroll around the City of Knowledge.  These guys were having a great time trying to get a female’s attention.  I sat for an hour as I watched them prance and squawk. Here they look really cute with their chests stuck out […]

Birds of a Feather…

I was walking around the City of Knowledge after an afternoon rain and came across these guys scourging around for a little snack.  This is one of the things I love about Panama.  Wildlife abounds and you never know what you are going to run into on your afternoon strolls.

Hotel Riu: On the Inside

Hotel Riu’s convenient location on Calle 50 makes it a prime choice for conventions and other events, such as wedding receptions.  Here you can appreciate the interior of one of the rooms used for these occasions.  Its modern decor and friendly staff create an excellent ambiance.

Metro Bus

The Metro Bus system is a common mode of transportation for many Panamanians. The company promises service, comfort and efficiency at a low price. The cost to ride the bus is a low 25 cents.  However, most of the time these buses are packed as tight as a sardine can, with the majority of the […]

New Subway

 Panama’s Public Transportation is about to be revamped with a new metro system called Metro Panama.  This first transit line is planned for completion in 2014 and will travel 14 kilometers through the high traffic areas of the city.  There will be 13 metro stops both above and below  ground. This model of the actual […]

Street Fiddler

If you are walking down Via España you will probably run into this older gentleman playing his fiddle.  He is originally from Las Minas in the province of Herrera.  His music and his cheerful  personality are infectious. So if you are in the area drop by and enjoy as he plays a few tunes on […]

Another Visit to Petit Paris

I was in the Marbella area and decided I needed a little Parisian atmosphere, so I dropped by Petit Paris.  This is the delicious crepe that was served. Check out the reviews on Trip Advisor. 


I never get tired of walking along the Bay of Panama.  The salt air exhilarates me and the colorful fishing boats fill me with nostalgia for my hometown on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I miss home sometimes, but sights like this one would sorely be missed if I were to ever leave Panama.

In Transit

These ships were captured in transit on their way through the Panama Canal. These pictures were taken at the visitor’s center at the Gatun Locks in Colon.

Afternoon Walks

One thing I really love about Panama is the weather.  Some people find it too hot and humid, but there are certain advantages to having summer weather year round.  One of those advantages is being able to enjoy the outdoors. I love walking in the afternoons. I find it relaxing after being locked inside all […]

Clayton AKA City of Knowledge

This area was once the U.S. military base that housed the troops that protected the Canal Zone.  It was totally off limits to the Panamanian citizens.  Now, these buildings in the background house schools and organizations such as the United Nations and Unicef.  It is a beautiful area with an incredible view.  The Miraflores locks […]

Bay of Panama

As I lounged around the pool at Finesterre Hotel in Bella Vista, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the beautiful view of the Bay of Panama. Awesome!

A Rooftop View

This is the beautiful Bella Vista area of Panama City.  I love the tile roofs of the old houses that still pepper the area.  Many have been torn down to make way for bigger, more modern buildings, but some have managed to survive.  These beautiful, old houses make this area a unique and wonderful neighborhood […]

La Alianza Francesa: Another Bella Vista Beauty

The beautiful Casa Blanca houses the Swiss Consul and the Alianza Francesa or French Alliance.  The interior of this building is breathtakingly beautiful.

Bella Vista Beauties

The area of Bella Vista is well known for its beautiful historical buildings.  It is a shame that many of these old gems are being torn down to make way for more space efficient high rise apartment buildings.  They just don’t build beauty like this anymore.


When I am near the ocean I always feel a sense of serenity, even when I am the middle of this fast paced metropolis called Panama.  This peaceful scene was captured while walking on the Cinta Costera as hundreds of cars swept by hurriedly on the way somewhere important. 

Santa Rita Arriba, Colon

This is a view of the port of Colon  taken from the side of a cliff in Santa Rita Arriba.  Santa Rita Arriba is a small town located outside the city of Colon.  If you are interested in witnessing exotic wildlife in its natural habitat, I suggest you visit Santa Rita Arriba. There is a […]