Full Moon

A beautiful full moon lights up the Panamanian skies tonight.

Street Vendors

Street vendors are a very common sight in Panama.  You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, candy, soft drinks, food, ice cream, hats, or just about anything your heart desires without ever entering into a building.  If you are driving around in your car, you don’t even have to get out of your car to […]

Siesta Time

It seems like every time I go to the park I run across someone stretched out on one of the benches taking a nap.  One of the workers repairing the road in front of the park laid done his shovel, walked over to the closest bench, took his hard hat off, laid down and drifted […]

The New Metro

President Ricardo Martinelli inaugurated the new metro system on April 5th.  This is definitely one of his biggest and most eagerly awaited projects.  I think it definitely lives up to most people’s expectations.  It is beautifully designed, well-organized and fast.  Hopefully, it will alleviate some of the traffic jams so common today in the city.

Festival Abierto

Festival Abierto is a activity that is held every year in Parque Omar.  It was created to promote awareness of our fragile environment and how we have an impact on our surroundings. We all have the power to initiate actions that can generate great changes in our society. Many local and international artists worked to […]

Placid Afternoon

The perfect way to spend a placid afternoon is strolling through the lovely streets of Csco Viejo.  I can’t think of a better way to spend the day.


The sun sets on yet another beautifully perfect day here in this little tropical paradise. 


Tacontento is a Mexican food franchise in Multiplaza Mall.  If you enjoy Mexican food you should be able to find something delicious on their extensive menu to please your palate.  The decor is lovely and very colorful.  The service is good  although you may have to wait in line for a while. The prices are […]

Spanish Cultural Center

The Spanish Cultural Center is located in Casco Viejo in the Casa del Soldado. The center was inaugurated by the Prince of Asturias and opened to the public on November 14, 2013. It is currently showing the work of Anton Lazamares. Entrance is free and definitely worth a visit. http://www.thevisitorpanama.com/2013/12/a-cultural-spanish-center-in-casco-antiguo/    

It’s Carnival Time!

Most of Panama is riotously celebrating the much awaited carnival season.  Music, laughter, dancing, eating and drinking fill the agendas of most Panamanians and visiting tourists.  However, there are always those who take advantage of the peace and quiet that can be found in the more tranquil parts of the city that are on the […]

Mega Construction Site

The Gatun Locks in Colon are undergoing a major expansion to allow larger ship to transit through the Panama Canal. A new set of locks are being built next to the existing ones.  It is amazing to be able to observe this Mega Construction as it is being built.  http://www.salini-impregilo.com/en/projects/in-progress/dams-hydroelectric-plants-hydraulic-works/extension-of-the-panama-canal-third-set-of-locks.html  

San Lorenzo

The fort of San Lorenzo in the province of Colon was built in the late 16th century by the Spanish.  It is located at the northwestern entrance to the Panama Canal. If you are a history buff this is definitely a place you should put on your “to do” list while you are visiting Panama. […]

Lazy Summer Days

It’s summer here in Panama.  I know that’s hard for those who live up North to believe.  While most people in cold climates are bundled up in wool coats and thermal underwear, we are strolling around in our shorts and t-shirts searching for a bit of shade to shield us from the glaring sun.  I […]

Bagpipes in Panama?

This is a first for me! I was taking a leisurely stroll along the Cinta Costera when I came across this young bagpipe player elegantly dressed in his kilt.  From the look on the face of the passerbys, I was not the only one who was taken by surprise. 

George (AKA Guantanamera)

George, my favorite street musician, has turned his banjo in for a ukulele.  He explained that his banjo suffered irreparable damage so he decided to try something new.  Here he is tuning up, getting ready to please the crowd with his usual repertoire of songs.  

Colorful Kuna

I have always admired the colorful attire that the Kuna women wear.  They wear wrap around skirts and hand made molas.  The mola is an intricately sewn cloth made from many layers of fabric. Their legs and arms are wrapped in handcrafted beads of many colors creating different geometric designs. http://public.cwp.net.pa/~bowerman/page3.html  

Charming Cafes

Panama is known for its good eateries and cafes.  You can dine out every night and never eat in the same place.  Casco Viejo is a perfect example of the variety that is available.  Here are just a few of the options you can choose from in while your touring Casco Viejo.

The Colors of Summer

Panama explodes with color in the summer. Bright, multicolored flowers create brilliant splashes  against a clear blue sky. The sun is radiant yellow and creates beautiful shining diamonds on the water.  Sometimes the contrast of bright hues is just breathtaking.   

Man’s Best Friend

I was walking around the Casco and saw this cute little guy standing very obediently outside the door of a local hotel.  His owner  told him to wait for him, dropped the dog’s leash and  then went inside. I stood and watched him for a few minutes and he never once budged from his spot. […]

Flea Market Fun

I love browsing antique shops and flea markets.  Today I visited one in San Francisco on Calle 70.  I was told that this would be the first of many that will be sponsored throughout the summer.  I didn’t buy anything but I had fun.  Quite a few people showed up even though most of the […]