Nacion Sushi

Nacion Sushi

If you like Asian food, then you will certainly enjoy Nacion Sushi. I recently visited the one in Soho Mall.  Although it was packed, service was quick, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was casual and friendly.  The sushi was great, expertly prepared with fresh ingredients and at an affordable price.  I absolutely loved […]

Another Art Deco Beauty

This amazing Art Deco beauty is the Main Hall of The American Trade Hotel.This lovely building was originally built as a branch of the National City Bank of New York. It is now used to host events and can hold up to 350 guests.

Art Deco

One of the things that I enjoy the most when I visit Casco Viejo is the wonderful architecture.  I have always been a huge fan of the Art Deco period.  This building in front of the Plaza Catedral is a perfect example of the bold geometric shapes and unique design so characteristic of this style.

San Fransisco de Assis Church in Casco Viejo

San Fransisco de Assis Church in Casco Viejo

There are many beautiful churches in Casco Viejo but one of my favorites is San Francisco de Assis.  This 17th century church sits right on the waterfront across from Plaza Bolivar.  It has just recently been reopened after a complete renovation.  

Macro Fest 2016

Macro Fest 2016

This past weekend(March 14-20) Panama celebrated its 8th annual Macro Fest.  This is an event in which fashion, art, and creativity are spotlighted.  There are many free workshops, art expositions, concerts and fashion shows to please the public.

Beautiful Molas

Molas are the colorful, multi-layered appliqué handcrafted needle work made by the Guna Indians of Panama. The Guna live in a region called Guna Yala, which means “Guna Land.” This area, also known as the San Blas Archipelago, lies off the eastern coast of Panama. Here, you can appreciate the beautiful colors of these unique […]

Cafe Unido-Multiplaza

The new Cafe Unidos in Multiplaza is beautifully decorated and offers the same delicious food and coffee as in the other branches.  It is in the new section of the mall down from Hermes,  so it has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.  Drop by and check it out. You won’t be sorry.  My personal favorite […]

Restaurante Machu Picchu – A good choice for Peruvian in Panama City

We went on a Friday night and it was crowded and loud. We were seated immediately and chose a table away from the band so that we could still hear the live music without it being too noisy. We enjoyed the Sangria and Pisco Sour (both free with a Foursquare check-in!). We ordered the Corvina […]

New Locks at Cocoli

New Locks at Cocoli

The new third set of locks built to accommodate Post-Panamax ships was opened to the public on Sunday, May 17, 2015.  Thousands of people visited this site in Cocoli, just outside of Panama City. The public was able to witness first hand the immensity of the multi-billion dollar project and be a part of history […]

Tourists, Tourists, Everywhere!

The summer in Panama is in full swing and tourists are everywhere.  People from all over come here to enjoy the city and all the natural beauty Panama has to offer.

Serene Sunrise

A certain serenity can be found in the morning hours before the madness of traffic jams and rushing people take over.  Those moments are fleeting but majestic in their vibrant colors as the sun rises over the bay.

PTY from the Sky

These beautiful views of the city’s skyline were taken from the 66th floor of the Trump Ocean Tower.  If you would like to experience this in person, visit the the Trump’s casino which is found on the 66th floor.  There is a lovely little bar at the entrance to the casino with a small infinity […]

Panama at Night

Panama’s skyline is impressive at any time of the day.  Tall, sleek buildings of glass and steel tower over the bay attesting to the great architectural talent available in the city.   At night the city takes on a different personality, glittering and sparkling against the black evening sky, its splendid beauty reflected in the […]

Casco Viejo at Dusk

The beauty of Casco Viejo illuminates the evening sky with its many colors and old world beauty. It is truly a magical place both during the day and after the sun goes down.  

Summer Is Here!

It is “summer” again here in Panama.  Summer is the dry season and people here in Panama take advantage of this time of the year to spend more time doing outdoor activities.  One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to walk around Casco Viejo and try to capture a little of […]

A Unique Treasure

Sitting quaintly on the corner next to the French embassy in Plaza de Francia you will find one of my favorite coffee shops, Dodo.  This tiny little cafe has a friendly atmosphere which makes you feel at home immediately.  The food is scrumptious and the service is excellent.  If you are walking around the Plaza […]

The Night of a Thousand Lanterns

In order to welcome the approaching New Year thousands of lanterns were sent up in to the air accompanied with a special wish for 2015.  It was quite beautiful watching thousands of lighted lanterns float out over the water as the gentle evening breeze lifted them up into the air and carried them slowly out […]

Unexpected Guest

I was walking in the area of the City of Knowledge in the early morning the other day when I ran across an unexpected guest.  This beautiful owl was perched on a nearby rooftop.  I took out my trusty little Nikon and snapped a couple of shots as he calmly looked on without batting an […]

Black Clouds Over the City

The rainy season is almost over.  The last few rain storms are making their way over the isthmus before summer arrives.  As you can see, rainstorms here in Panama can be quite a serous thing.  These photos show menacing black clouds hanging over the city.


I love music and I love street musicians.  This fiddler was standing on the corner close to the French Embassy. Of course, I had to stop to listen to his repertoire and snap a photo or two.