A True Gem: The American Trade Hotel

https://www.acehotel.com/panama My sister recently came to Panama for a short vacation.  She loves Casco Viejo, so I decided to try to book her a room in The American Trade Hotel. I had admired this beautifully renovated hotel from the outside, gazing through the huge windows to get a glimpse of its classy, elegant interior, but […]

The Colors of Casco Viejo

I love the architecture and the colors of Casco Viejo, even when the buildings are old, dilapidated and the paint is peeling off. There is a character and charm in them that can not be found more modern constructions.

The Colors of Summer

Panama explodes with color in the summer. Bright, multicolored flowers create brilliant splashes  against a clear blue sky. The sun is radiant yellow and creates beautiful shining diamonds on the water.  Sometimes the contrast of bright hues is just breathtaking.   

Viva Panama!!!

November is a month of celebration in Panama.  It is the month of National Pride, when all Panamanians take to the streets to commemorate their separation from Colombia on November 3 and their independence from Spain on November 28.  The Panamanian flag can be seen flying all over the city.  This picture was taken at […]

A Typical Quincha House

In the central provinces of Panama it is common to find houses made of quincha, which is a mixture of mud and straw. These traditional houses still are quite common in the interior of the country.  Click on the link below to see how they are made. http://folklore.panamatipico.com/english/articulo.php?articulo=213

Birds of a Feather…

I was walking around the City of Knowledge after an afternoon rain and came across these guys scourging around for a little snack.  This is one of the things I love about Panama.  Wildlife abounds and you never know what you are going to run into on your afternoon strolls.

Eternal Summer

One of the things that I love about Panama is the weather.  Some people think that it is too hot. Not me! I love the heat.  Being from South Mississippi, I do not find Panama that hot.  I love the fact that I don’t need winter clothes or have to worry about living cooped up […]

Yes, Another Bird Picture!

What can I say! I love birds! I love taking pictures of birds. I love posting pictures of birds…so, shoot me! Here’s another bird picture. Enjoy!

Drinking from the Faucet

I was born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and summers were extremely hot and humid.  Back then we didn’t have video games, Ipads, or any of the electronic gadgets most kids entertain themselves with today.  We spent most of our time outside playing ball, climbing trees or games like hide and seek.  When […]

Mega Structures

How big does a balcony need to be? Panama has many new mega structures where everything is oversized and equally overpriced. As the city expands,  buildings grow bigger, taller, and more expensive.  Here is an example of that supersize me attitude. This megasized balcony overlooks the the bay and the Cinta Costera.  


Arigúa is one of the small shops you can find in Los del Patio Cultural Center in Casco Antiguo.  You can find a nice selection of jewelry, organic cosmetics, purses, and clothing.  Check out their Facebook page.

Panama Canal Transit