New Addition

The new addition to the Cinta Costera is absolutely spectacular.  This new area that was recently opened to the public offers a huge recreational space for families to enjoy. I think the city outdid itself with this one.  

Panama: Something for Everyone

If you are planning to relocate here in Panama, there is something here for everyone.  Here is an interesting article that explains the different neighborhoods Panama has to offer and how to choose the perfect area to live in.

Colorful Beauty

I never get tired of the beauty of Casco Antiguo.  Every time I walk down its cobbled streets something new catches my eye. This colorful beauty is just a sample of the charming architecture that can be found there.

Salute to the Sun

As the sun goes down over the Causeway in the beautiful city of Panama, these gulls stop their flight to pay tribute to the sun as it sinks slowly into the sea.

Panama City Rising

If you are thinking about visiting Panama, this article is a definite “must-read”. It is one insightful visitor’s view of this rising metropolis called Panama.

The City at Sunset

The city at sunset…This is probably the worst time to be out in the streets. The traffic, the noise and fight to rush home is enough to distract us all from the beauty that surrounds us as the sun slowly sinks in the western skies.  

Live large, pay small…

Panama is a city where you can live large, but pay small.  If you are planning a vacation and don’t know where to go, have a look at this article.  Panama is a true bargain.

An Awesome City!

I love the way the old boat contrasts sharply with the cityscape and at the same time manages to blend in. We live in an awesome city! Panama is a unique place that is constantly changing and evolving. 

Rainy Days

Now that the rainy season has begun this is a common scene in Panama.  Many people dislike this time of the year because of the abundant rains.  However, one of the reasons that Panama has such a profusion of plants and wildlife is due to these daily downpours.   The afternoon showers sometimes come out […]

Plaza de Francia/ Las Bovedas

Come stroll around this beautiful plaza dedicated to the French Canal effort.  Walk up the steps that lead to Paseo Las Bovedas. Spend the afternoon checking out the local handcrafts on sale there.  There is a marvelous view of the city and the Amador Causeway from the top.

Sailing and Yacht Charters

Panama is virtually surrounded by water on all sides.  You have the Pacific Ocean on one side, the Caribbean on the other.  and the Panama Canal in the middle of the country. This is definitely a paradise for fishermen, boatmen, and any one who loves the water. If you are looking for aquatic adventures, Panama […]

An Impressive Skyline

Every day a new building crops up on the already crowded skyline here in Panama.  As property becomes more scarce and more expensive, the buildings grow taller and taller.  Sometimes I hurt my neck trying to look up at these giants that loom over the city.

A Friendly Welcome

When you arrive at the Rainforest Discovery Center you will probably be welcomed by the center’s friendly ambassador, Mr. Rocky Raccoon.  He will follow you around, especially if he smells food.   If you let him get close enough, he will even check your pockets, backpack or purse.

Rainforest Discovery Center

If you go up the Pipeline Road, you will come to the Rainforest Discovery Center. It is an excellent place to bird watch and to admire  the luxuriant jungle foliage.

More on Gamboa

If you are looking for a jungle adventure but don’t want to travel far from the city, Gamboa is an excellent choice. You can traipse through the jungle via the Pipeline Road or you can take a boat ride on the Gatun Lake.  Whatever you choose to do, you will not be disappointed.

At Dusk

A captivating view of the city at dusk.


This old lighthouse still stands overlooking ships as they transit through the Panama Canal.  In the background, you can see a barge go peacefully on its way.  This is such a common sight here that we sometimes overlook the incredible engineering feat that makes that transit possible.

An Afternoon Stroll

The Cinta Costera is an excellent choice for an afternoon stroll or a bike ride.  Many city dwellers take advantage of this recreational area to play a friendly game of basketball or just to hang out and chill for a while as they watch the sun set over the bay.

Biodiversity Museum: Panama, Bridge of Life

The Biodiversity Museum: Panama, Bridge of Life is the official name of this museum.  It is the ambitious project designed by the world renowned architect, Frank Gehry, who designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.      

Parque Omar

Parque Omar is also the site of many open air concerts and festivals.  People come on the weekends to listen to music or to have a picnic with their family.