Clayton AKA City of Knowledge

This area was once the U.S. military base that housed the troops that protected the Canal Zone.  It was totally off limits to the Panamanian citizens.  Now, these buildings in the background house schools and organizations such as the United Nations and Unicef.  It is a beautiful area with an incredible view.  The Miraflores locks […]

Bay of Panama

As I lounged around the pool at Finesterre Hotel in Bella Vista, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the beautiful view of the Bay of Panama. Awesome!

A Rooftop View

This is the beautiful Bella Vista area of Panama City.  I love the tile roofs of the old houses that still pepper the area.  Many have been torn down to make way for bigger, more modern buildings, but some have managed to survive.  These beautiful, old houses make this area a unique and wonderful neighborhood […]


When I am near the ocean I always feel a sense of serenity, even when I am the middle of this fast paced metropolis called Panama.  This peaceful scene was captured while walking on the Cinta Costera as hundreds of cars swept by hurriedly on the way somewhere important. 

Santa Rita Arriba, Colon

This is a view of the port of Colon  taken from the side of a cliff in Santa Rita Arriba.  Santa Rita Arriba is a small town located outside the city of Colon.  If you are interested in witnessing exotic wildlife in its natural habitat, I suggest you visit Santa Rita Arriba. There is a […]

Sierra Llorona Lodge

If you are looking for a quiet, out of the way place to spend your vacation, then Sierra Llorona Lodge may be what you have been searching for. It is a quiet little eco-lodge wedged in the rainforest in the province of Colon. You can go hiking, bird watching, or just relax in a nice […]

Witness History in the Making

You can be witness to the expansion of the new Gatun Locks when you arrive at the new Visitors Center.  There is a small entrance fee that ranges from $7-$3 dollars depending on you age and resident status. This fee will give you full access to the facilities, including a hiking path.  If you opt […]

New Gatun Locks

The expansion of the Panama Canal is one of the largest projects being built at this moment. This venture will establish a new lane of traffic along the Canal by building a new set of locks designed to double the capacity of this important waterway. You can visit the site and see the progress of […]


This boat is named “huracan”, which means hurricane.  Panama, because of its geographic location, is not prone to hurricanes.  While others battle tropical storms and hurricanes, Panama is blessed with calm seas and soft breezes almost year round. Hopefully, this is the only “huracan” Panama ever hosts in its beautiful, placid seas.

A Fisherman’s Life

I come from a small town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, so I am familiar with the toils of a fisherman’s life.  It is hard work that begins before dawn and sometimes doesn’t end until well into the night. Despite the arduous work, there is a certain peace that comes with this intimate fellowship with […]

Men At Work..

The new phase of the Cinta Costera is underway and is progressing quickly.  Workers work night and day to try and complete this phase of the Cinta Costera which will circle around the Casco Antiguo.


As I walked along the Cinta Costera this morning, the sun fought bravely to break through the clouds, creating this image of peaceful beauty.

Edificio Sousa

Here is another beautiful building I admire in Bella Vista.  It is known as Edificio Sousa.  It gracefully stands on the corner of Parque Urraca surrounded by modern apartment buildings.  Its classic beauty is unique and stands out among all the impersonal buildings of glass and steel.

Bella Vista

I love the area of Bella Vista. At one time, it was mostly comprised of Spanish Colonial style homes.  These Colonial beauties are rapidly being replaced by ultra modern apartment buildings. It should be a crime to destroy beautiful homes like this one pictured here.

Las Tablas

This quaint little church can be found in the small town of Las Tablas in the Azuero Peninsuala. If you want to experience what life is really like in a small town in Panama, this is the place to do it.  The pace is slow and laid back.  A traditional lifestyle and conservative view points […]

Venture Out into the Countryside

Once you have left the city, a whole different world will open up for you.  Although Panama is a tiny country compared to most, it has a rich, varied culture that is full of folklore and tradition.  This is a typical scene as you move out of the city and venture out into the countryside. […]

Quaint Streets

No matter what street you walk down in the Casco Antiguo, you will find a quaintness that is unique to this area of the city.  It has an energy about it that just can not be duplicated. 

An Interesting Crew

This boat has an interesting captain and first mate. I wonder what the rest of the crew looks like.  

Stress Relief

Whenever I get stressed out over work, relationships, paying the bills or just life in general, I take  a walk along the Cinta Costera.  It is definitely a great way to rid yourself of the tension that accumulates during the day and the view is worth a million bucks!

Fishing Boats

I love to sit in front of the bay and watch the boats off in the distance. I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where scenes like this are common. Ever since I was a little kid I have gotten a kick out of  reading the names that the owners have christened their boats […]