100 Years Old and Still Going Strong

The Panama Canal was inaugurated in 1914.  This important waterway has serviced the world for 100 years.  When you take into account that it was built 100 years ago, you realize what an amazing engineering feat it was for its day.

The Many Faces of Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo is a beautiful place to visit.  There is something magical and electrifying about this part of the city. I go there quite often but somehow it is always new to me.  I always find something new to photograph.  Its buildings are magnificent and its inhabitants are colorful and intriguing. 

Beautiful Plazas

Panama has many beautiful plazas that are just waiting to be explored.  This one is called Plaza de Francia and is located in the beautiful Casco Viejo.  It is dedicated to the French citizens who risked their lives and their reputation to build the Panama Canal.  Although they were not able to finish the Canal, […]

Panama Great Adventures

If you love adventures, Panama is a great place to visit.  You can river raft, hike, climb mountains, see exotic birds, ski in two oceans, and transit the Panama Canal all in one day.  You can also brave the concrete jungle in search of incredible bargains.  If you are planning a trip to Panama and […]

A Beautiful View

As I was walking along the Paseo  Las Bovedas I couldn’t help thinking, “What a beautiful view.” Even though phase 3 of the Cinta Costera blocks some of the view, it is still breathtaking.

Placid Afternoon

The perfect way to spend a placid afternoon is strolling through the lovely streets of Csco Viejo.  I can’t think of a better way to spend the day.


The sun sets on yet another beautifully perfect day here in this little tropical paradise. 

It’s Carnival Time!

Most of Panama is riotously celebrating the much awaited carnival season.  Music, laughter, dancing, eating and drinking fill the agendas of most Panamanians and visiting tourists.  However, there are always those who take advantage of the peace and quiet that can be found in the more tranquil parts of the city that are on the […]

Mega Construction Site

The Gatun Locks in Colon are undergoing a major expansion to allow larger ship to transit through the Panama Canal. A new set of locks are being built next to the existing ones.  It is amazing to be able to observe this Mega Construction as it is being built.  http://www.salini-impregilo.com/en/projects/in-progress/dams-hydroelectric-plants-hydraulic-works/extension-of-the-panama-canal-third-set-of-locks.html  

San Lorenzo

The fort of San Lorenzo in the province of Colon was built in the late 16th century by the Spanish.  It is located at the northwestern entrance to the Panama Canal. If you are a history buff this is definitely a place you should put on your “to do” list while you are visiting Panama. […]


Probably one of the most dangerous things you can confront here in Panama are its sidewalks.  If you are a tourist here, please look down before you try to take in the sights because you just might fall into one of these!

Welcome 2014!

The citizens of this tiny isthmus are experts at having a good time.  They are true party lovers and they  know how to celebrate.  If you have never spent a New Year’s Eve here in the city then prepare yourself for the commotion that ringing in 2014 will cause. If you love fireworks, you will […]

Here Comes the Sun…

Summer is here and the sun is shining in all its glory.  City dwellers flock to the beach on the weekends to wind down and eliminate the stress of living  amid the noise, rush and incessant  traffic jams so common here in this tropical paradise.  If you have never been to the beach here in […]

Christmas in the Park

Parque Omar is bedecked in Christmas lights for the holiday season.  Christmas carols float through the air as children of all ages enjoy the Christmas spirit.  If you are looking for a nice way to spend the evening, visit Parque Omar for a family night out.

Flag Day

November 4th is the day we celebrate the Panamanian Flag as the symbol of this lovely paradise. This beautiful flag flies majestically from Ancon Hill, declaring Panama’s independence and sovereignty. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancon_Hill


The entire month of November you will see the country dressed in the three colors that represent it: red, white and blue.  I especially enjoyed seeing the flag placed all over the area of Clayton, in the City of Knowledge.  This area was once part of the U.S. controlled Panama Canal Zone, an area which […]


Today I had the good fortune of catching this beautiful sunrise with my camera this morning.  I have included a close up and a shot taken from a distance. A spectacular way to start the day!

Beautiful Sunset

The sun casts a colorful glow over the City of Knowledge as it makes its afternoon descent.  A group of young girls engage in a friendly game of flag football.  What a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

In Transit

These ships were captured in transit on their way through the Panama Canal. These pictures were taken at the visitor’s center at the Gatun Locks in Colon.

Afternoon Walks

One thing I really love about Panama is the weather.  Some people find it too hot and humid, but there are certain advantages to having summer weather year round.  One of those advantages is being able to enjoy the outdoors. I love walking in the afternoons. I find it relaxing after being locked inside all […]