Sometimes,  we have a tendency to rush here and there, trying to accomplish everything on our To Do List and we forget to give ourselves a little break. The next time you are filling out you agenda or making your list of things to do, don’t forget to add this important notation- “Take a […]

Taking a Break

The other day I took my dog for a walk at Parque Urraca in Bella Vista. When I arrived, these two members of the city’s cleaning crew were taking a nap on one of the park benches. I sat on a nearby  bench while my dog played in the park.  These two slept peacefully through […]

Another View of the Metro

Here is another view of the subway system construction that is underway all over the city.

Mega Project

One of the Mega Projects underway in the city is the new subway system.  Most of the major streets in the city are obstructed by the construction of this new transportation system.  Circulation in the city has become virtually impossible and the traffic jams are monstrous.  Patience is required whenever you leave the house. This […]

Remnants of the Past

Every time I walk by the remnants of this building I can’t help but  imagine what it must have looked like in its heyday. I love the cobalt blue glass in the windows. Can you imagine the sun shining through this blue glass bathing the rooms in such rich color.  It must have been magnificent. […]

Laundry Day in the Casco

 Many cities around the world try “to perfect” certain areas to make them more attractive for tourists. In this thirst for perfection, some places lose their cultural identity. One of the things I love about the Casco Antiguo is that it has not lost its uniqueness or charm even though it has become an important […]

BFF (Best Friends Forever)

Is there anything more wonderful than the relationship between a child and their dog? I have had many dogs during my lifetime and each one has left their mark on me.  They were there at times when the people in my life turned and fled. They kept me company, made me laugh when I was […]

Smile for the Camera!

If you happen by the bus stop in front of the Alianza Francesa in Bella Vista,  you will come face to face with this interesting tree,  I have been wanting to take his picture for quite some time.  Today I went prepared with my camera. I asked him to smile for the camera and this […]


Costerito is the name of the new mascot of the Cinta Costera.  As I was walking along the Cinta Costera I bumped into him and he proudly posed for the camera.

Cooling Off!

One of the attractions that kids love at the recently inaugurated addition to the Cinta Costera are these little water spouts.  It looked like so much fun that I almost took off my shoes and ran through it myself.

Parque Urraca

I was walking past Parque Urraca today on my way home and came across a celebration in the park.  There was a mini-fair going on, complete with magicians, jugglers, live music, and games for the kiddies. I just happened to have my trusty camera on hand to snap a couple of pictures.

Casco Antiguo Spanish School

In order to experience a country more fully, you should try to  immerse yourself in its culture as much as possible. One way to achieve a better understanding of a culture is through its language. When you have a command of the language, your understanding of the country and its  people widens.    If you […]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

Somewhere over the rainbow lies a beautiful tropical paradise named Panama.  This was the view from my balcony this morning.  Incredible!

Restored Beauty

This is one of the restored beauties in Casco Antiguo.  Its hard to believe that once this building laid in ruins waiting for a loving hand to restore it.  It was totally worth the time, effort and money that was invested to bring it back to life.

Gentrification of Casco Antiguo

This photograph shows what most of Casco Antiguo looked like when I first arrived here more than thirty years ago.  Since my arrival this area has undergone a  major metamorphosis and has turned into a beautiful neighborhood of renovated houses, small shops, art galleries, and restaurants.  Although there is still a lot of work to […]

“Walking the Dog”

On my last visit to Casco Antiguo, I dropped in at Granclement to savor a delicious gourmet ice cream.  On my way there I passed a guy with a pet iguana calmly riding on his shoulders. Then I go in the ice cream shop and I come across this little doggie hitching a ride in […]

An Exotic Pet

As I walked around Casco Antiguo the other day I was pleased to see that many people were taking advantage of the sunny day to take a leisurely stroll  with their dogs. However, not everyone is a dog lover.  Some people prefer more exotic and unique pets. To each his own!

Panama City Rising

If you are thinking about visiting Panama, this article is a definite “must-read”. It is one insightful visitor’s view of this rising metropolis called Panama.

A Yummy Mango

Nothing compares to the dawning of a new day, waking up to the beautiful creation that surrounds us.  The lush countryside, the verdant foliage, and the abundant wildlife in Panama make it even more spectacular to watch.  Here, the summer is eternal and the sweet smell of exotic flowers fills the air.  This cute little […]

No Words Needed

I was walking down the street the other day and saw this sign. No words are needed to explain this one.  It breaks all language barriers.