“How many people keep pigs as pets?”  This was the question that came to my mind when I came across this interesting scene.  The name Wilbur immediately came to mind and snatches of the novel “Charlotte’s Web” came creeping into my head.  “I wonder how much money it takes to feed a pig that size?”, […]

Traditional vs. Non-traditional Pets

I have always had a pet, or two, or three.  However, all of my pets have been canines, with an occasional goldfish thrown in now and then.  Today, some people tend to gravitate towards less conventional types of pets, choosing snakes, lizards or rats for company.  I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll […]

Nothing Like a Hammock…

One of the joys of living in Panama is its fantastic climate.  I really like being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and the warm weather.  Is there any better way to kick back and relax than a nice comfy hammock? Beautiful, multicolored hammocks are handcrafted here in Panama and sold for a pittance.  All you […]

Beautiful Afternoon Sky

I snapped this photo of the sun fighting to shine as dark rain clouds gathered overhead.   I am happy to say the sun won! 

Blue Flowers do Exist!

When I was in kindergarten I was scolded by my teacher for painting my flowers blue.  She told me that flowers in the real world were usually red, yellow, orange or pink and that blue flowers were not common.  Well, I have news for that uptight, unimaginative teacher…Blue flowers do exist!  

In Need of Some TLC

These are the ruins of an abandoned building in Casco Antiguo.  It’s impressive to see how these old skeletons from the past can be transformed once again into beautiful buildings with a little TLC and some cold hard cash.

Typical Afternoon in Casco Antiguo

These are both common scenes here in Panama. People like to hang out on the streets and talk in the afternoons.  They will drag a couple of chairs outside on the sidewalk, pull up a couple of old crates, or just sit on the curb and shoot the breeze.  It’s a good way to cool […]

An Afternoon Bike Ride

When I was a kid, I used to love to ride my bike.  Of course, I grew up in a little town in South Mississippi where there were plenty of places to ride with very little traffic.  However, riding a bike here in Panama is a challenge.  The Cinta Costera offers the perfect place to […]

Metro Bus

The Metro Bus system is a common mode of transportation for many Panamanians. The company promises service, comfort and efficiency at a low price. The cost to ride the bus is a low 25 cents.  However, most of the time these buses are packed as tight as a sardine can, with the majority of the […]

New Subway

 Panama’s Public Transportation is about to be revamped with a new metro system called Metro Panama.  This first transit line is planned for completion in 2014 and will travel 14 kilometers through the high traffic areas of the city.  There will be 13 metro stops both above and below  ground. This model of the actual […]


I never get tired of walking along the Bay of Panama.  The salt air exhilarates me and the colorful fishing boats fill me with nostalgia for my hometown on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I miss home sometimes, but sights like this one would sorely be missed if I were to ever leave Panama.

La Alianza Francesa: Another Bella Vista Beauty

The beautiful Casa Blanca houses the Swiss Consul and the Alianza Francesa or French Alliance.  The interior of this building is breathtakingly beautiful.

Bella Vista Beauties

The area of Bella Vista is well known for its beautiful historical buildings.  It is a shame that many of these old gems are being torn down to make way for more space efficient high rise apartment buildings.  They just don’t build beauty like this anymore.

Hanging Out Together

These two monkeys were hanging out together in a tree sharing some “down” time. It’s always nice to find time to share with friends and loved ones.


One of the things that amazes me about Panama is the variety of wildlife that inhabits this little isthmus.  These two monkeys were hanging out in a tree near the Gatun Locks in Colon.  

Rustic Comfort

At Sierra Llorona Lodge you will find a rustic comfort accompanied with personalized attention. This is a great place for families to stay. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g298428-d614398-Reviews-Sierra_Llorona_Panama_Lodge-Colon_Colon_Province.html

Gatun Locks Restaurant

There is a very good restaurant at the Gatun Locks visitor center. This service is provided by the prestigious Hotel El Panama.  The menu is varied and offers a range of delicious meat, fish and pasta dishes.  

Witness History in the Making

You can be witness to the expansion of the new Gatun Locks when you arrive at the new Visitors Center.  There is a small entrance fee that ranges from $7-$3 dollars depending on you age and resident status. This fee will give you full access to the facilities, including a hiking path.  If you opt […]

New Gatun Locks

The expansion of the Panama Canal is one of the largest projects being built at this moment. This venture will establish a new lane of traffic along the Canal by building a new set of locks designed to double the capacity of this important waterway. You can visit the site and see the progress of […]

A Fisherman’s Life

I come from a small town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, so I am familiar with the toils of a fisherman’s life.  It is hard work that begins before dawn and sometimes doesn’t end until well into the night. Despite the arduous work, there is a certain peace that comes with this intimate fellowship with […]