Paseo Las Bovedas

If you are in the Casco Antiguo be sure to talk a stroll along the Paseo Las Bovedas.  Enjoy the cool breeze of the ocean, the profusion of flowers, and the the workmanship of local and foreign artists.

Color Laden Balconies

Colorful flowers accentuate the beauty and the quaintness of the Casco Antiguo’s delicate architecture.

Profusion of Flowers

Come and immerse yourself in the profusion of multicolored flowers that dangle from the balconies in the Casco Antiguo.  Take a relaxing stroll through its quiet streets and let its old world charm take you back in time.

Plaza de Francia

Plaza de Francia is a beautiful location in Casco Antiguo dedicated to the French citizens who first initiated the Panama Canal.

Biodiversity Museum: Panama, Bridge of Life

The Biodiversity Museum: Panama, Bridge of Life is the official name of this museum.  It is the ambitious project designed by the world renowned architect, Frank Gehry, who designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.      

Kuna Indians

One of the most well known indigenous groups here in Panama are the Kuna Indians. They are famous for their handmade molas and jewelry.  The women dress in bright colors and incorporate their craftmanship into their native costume.


If you are looking for a souvenir to take home as a gift, a handmade mola is the perfect item.  It is hand sewn by the Kuna Indians with different color cloth placed on top of each other in layers.  Each one is an original and unique work of art.

Local Talent

When you go to the Casco Antiguo, make sure you pay a visit to Las Bovedas.  As you walk along you are sure to meet up with one of Casco Antiguo’s most famous street musicians.  He is known as Mr. Guantanamera. His voice isn’t the most melodic, but he plays a mean banjo and has […]

Feel the Energy of Casco Antiguo

Come walk down the quiet brick streets of the Casco Antiguo. Feel the energy and get infected with the  good vibes that flow from the cafes, restaurants, shops and art galleries.