Local Handcrafts

In La Arena you can buy many different types of local handcrafts made by talented artisans.  Many of these are crafted from the bounteous clay in this area of the country.

La Arena

I took a little road trip to La Arena in the province of Herrera.  This little town is famous for its folklore, its traditional architecture,  its handcrafts and its bread.  This is one of the many bakeries you can find in this quaint little country town.

In Need of Some TLC

These are the ruins of an abandoned building in Casco Antiguo.  It’s impressive to see how these old skeletons from the past can be transformed once again into beautiful buildings with a little TLC and some cold hard cash.

Typical Afternoon in Casco Antiguo

These are both common scenes here in Panama. People like to hang out on the streets and talk in the afternoons.  They will drag a couple of chairs outside on the sidewalk, pull up a couple of old crates, or just sit on the curb and shoot the breeze.  It’s a good way to cool […]

Street Fiddler

If you are walking down Via España you will probably run into this older gentleman playing his fiddle.  He is originally from Las Minas in the province of Herrera.  His music and his cheerful  personality are infectious. So if you are in the area drop by and enjoy as he plays a few tunes on […]

Las Tablas

This quaint little church can be found in the small town of Las Tablas in the Azuero Peninsuala. If you want to experience what life is really like in a small town in Panama, this is the place to do it.  The pace is slow and laid back.  A traditional lifestyle and conservative view points […]

Country Living

Life is much simpler in the central provinces of Panama.  Things are done differently. Traditional housewares and utensils are used in the preparation of most foods.  Here is an example of some of the common household items found in the interior of the country.

Santa Familia Community Center

The Santa Familia Community Center is a safe place for kids in San Felipe to do their homework, receive tutoring, and participate in extracurricular activities that help keep them off the streets.  One of the foundations it houses is Aprojusan.  Aprojusan is a non-profit organization that works towards creating a better future for the area’s […]

A Friendly Game of Cricket

As you walk the streets of Bella Vista on Sunday morning, it is not unusual to catch a friendly neighborhood game of cricket being played among the Indian residents of this beautiful neighborhood. http://fabulositynouveau.blogspot.com/2012/06/the-rich-indian-community-of-panama.html

The Rich Indian Community of Panama

There is a very large Indian community here in Panama. This photo was taken in my neighborhood, Bella Vista, as my neighbors prepared for a feast. http://fabulositynouveau.blogspot.com/2012/06/the-rich-indian-community-of-panama.html

Colorful Beauty

I never get tired of the beauty of Casco Antiguo.  Every time I walk down its cobbled streets something new catches my eye. This colorful beauty is just a sample of the charming architecture that can be found there.

Beautiful Courtyard

This beautiful courtyard is part of Casa Gongora in Casco Antiguo.  Casa Gongora is a beautifully renovated 17th century jewel that houses a center for the arts.  http://cascoviejo.com/casa-gongora/

More Casa Gongora

Come take a look inside this 17th century beauty.  I loved strolling through the beautiful interior of this old house.  

Casa Gongora

If you enjoy art, you will certainly enjoy a visit to Casa Gongora en Casco Antiguo.  The house itself, which dates back to the 17th century,  is a treat to see, besides the interesting art work you will find inside.  http://cascoviejo.com/casa-gongora/

Botero’s Via Crucis

Today I visited the Panama Canal Museum in Casco Antiguo to see Fernando Botero’s Via Crucis which is on display there until June 16.  The paintings were magnificent, as I expected they would be.  However, what I enjoyed the most were the pencil sketches that come at the end of the exposition.  They were incredible. […]


“Tembleque” is the term given to the ornaments used by women in their hair when they wear the pollera, the national folk dress.  They are created in a way that they move or shake as the woman walks.  The word tembleque is derived from the Spanish word “temblar” which means to shake or quiver. These […]

A Talented Fiddler

Here is another one of Panama’s talented street musicians. He can play a “mean” fiddle. As he plays, he’ll stand and dance a little jig. He is always impeccably dressed and loves to entertain the crowds with his repertoire of Panamanian folk music.

Captivating Street Art

One of the things that captivates my attention every time I visit the Casco Antiguo is the street art.  I never get tired of walking around trying to discover what new “masterpiece” has emerged overnight on the side of a building or on some aging wooden door.  It’s like going on a treasure hunt.  

More Art…

There are many talented artists that reside in Panama.  Many of these artists have come from other countries and have made Panama their home.  Most of them are attracted to the Bohemian atmosphere of the Casco Antiguo.  As you walk around this historic part of the city, you may come  face to face with their […]

Vasco Núñez de Balboa

Vasco Núñez de Balboa,  “discovered”  the South Sea, which we all know as the Pacific Ocean. His statue stands overlooking the Bay of Panama and the Avenida Balboa.  I wonder what he would think of Panama if he saw it now! http://epiac1216.wordpress.com/2009/08/31/statue-of-vasco-nunez-de-balboa/