The Many Faces of Casco Viejo

The inhabitants of Casco Viejo are as varied as the kaleidoscope of buildings that make up this enchanting sector of Panama City. There is an eclectic mix of cultures, religions, nationalities and ages which is part of the magic that surrounds this area.  These are the faces of Casco Viejo.  

Relaxing Sunday

I can not think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than strolling around Casco Viejo. There is a special magic about this place.  It is like being transported back to the past to a time when life was simpler and more laid back.  

Macro Fest 2016

This past weekend(March 14-20) Panama celebrated its 8th annual Macro Fest.  This is an event in which fashion, art, and creativity are spotlighted.  There are many free workshops, art expositions, concerts and fashion shows to please the public.

Beautiful Molas

Molas are the colorful, multi-layered appliqué handcrafted needle work made by the Guna Indians of Panama. The Guna live in a region called Guna Yala, which means “Guna Land.” This area, also known as the San Blas Archipelago, lies off the eastern coast of Panama. Here, you can appreciate the beautiful colors of these unique […]

Summer Is Here!

It is “summer” again here in Panama.  Summer is the dry season and people here in Panama take advantage of this time of the year to spend more time doing outdoor activities.  One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to walk around Casco Viejo and try to capture a little of […]

The Night of a Thousand Lanterns

In order to welcome the approaching New Year thousands of lanterns were sent up in to the air accompanied with a special wish for 2015.  It was quite beautiful watching thousands of lighted lanterns float out over the water as the gentle evening breeze lifted them up into the air and carried them slowly out […]


November is an important month for Panama.  It is the month the whole country celebrates its independence from Spain and Colombia.  May this little isthmus always be free from foreign occupancy. May its inhabitants always live free from oppression and dictatorships.  May this beautiful flag always fly freely over this little  country I call home.


I love music and I love street musicians.  This fiddler was standing on the corner close to the French Embassy. Of course, I had to stop to listen to his repertoire and snap a photo or two.   

Danger: Explosives!!!

  The Panama Canal  is expanding its capacity to allow for more than double the traffic it currently serves. To be completed in 2015, the project that includes a third set of locks which are larger and wider than the existing ones, will cost $5.6 billion. This extreme makeover requires the use of explosives.  In the […]

Gray Ghost

This iconic gray lighthouse is familiar to everyone in the area of Gamboa.  It was built in 1914 and  is roughly 14 meters high (45 ft.) Although it is now inactive, it still greets southbound ships at the entrance of Gaillard Cut (Corte Culebra), a silent gray ghost that whispers of its once glorious past. […]

After the Rain

It’s the rainy season again.  This is the time of the year we call “winter”.  Some people find the rain annoying.  I personally enjoy it.  Here you can appreciate the beauty of Plaza Herrera after a hard afternoon rain.

Kuna Women

The Kuna Indians inhabit the Comarca de San Blas or, Kuna Yala. This is an autonomous region that comprises the Archipelago de San Blas. The  Kuna society is  matrilineal and a newly married husband is required to move into his wife’s compound.The women play an important part in providing for the family, embroidering intricately designed and […]

The Many Faces of Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo is a beautiful place to visit.  There is something magical and electrifying about this part of the city. I go there quite often but somehow it is always new to me.  I always find something new to photograph.  Its buildings are magnificent and its inhabitants are colorful and intriguing. 

Art Exposition

There is a beautiful exposition of Colonial religious statues and paintings in the church of Santo Domingo  where Arco Chato is located in Casco Viejo.  You are not allowed to take photographs of the exposition but I included a couple I took from the outside. Simply beautiful!

Beautiful Plazas

Panama has many beautiful plazas that are just waiting to be explored.  This one is called Plaza de Francia and is located in the beautiful Casco Viejo.  It is dedicated to the French citizens who risked their lives and their reputation to build the Panama Canal.  Although they were not able to finish the Canal, […]

Gone but not Forgotten

The famous Panamanian buses known as Diablo Rojos (Red Devils) have been mostly replaced by the more modern Metro Bus. Although these buses are no longer a common sight on the city’s streets, they remain a part of Panama’a culture.  Here is a small model that I came across in Casco Viejo.

Polleras of Panama

In Panama, handmade polleras are worn during festivals and celebrations. Currently it is the National Costume of Panama.   A The pollera is entirely hand sewn. Each pollera can cost  several thousand dollars and take up to a year to create. The gold and pearl mosquetas and tembleques that are worn with a pollera are generally passed down as heirlooms through generations.

Color Me Beautiful

If you have spent some time walking around Casco Viejo you have probably seen these lovely Panamanian beauties adorning the walls, windows and even the trash cans in this area.  They are the original designs of a very talented Panamanian artist called Rolo de Sedas.  I am a great admirer of his work and hope […]

La Tribu Performance

La Tribu Performance is a group of young circus artists who have come together from different parts of the globe to create an amazing show.  The pictures below are from a recent performance that took place in Plaza Herrera in Casco Viejo.  

Color My World with Art

I love walking down the streets of Casco Viejo searching for new “masterpieces” created by local artists on walls and doors of old, abandoned buildings. . These works of art lend color and life to Casco’s already Bohemian atmosphere. This is one of my latest discoveries.