Street Art in San Felipe

As you stroll through the streets of  Casco Antiguo, also known as San Felipe,  you will certainly be delighted by the beautiful street art painted by local artists.

Paseo Las Bovedas

If you are in the Casco Antiguo be sure to talk a stroll along the Paseo Las Bovedas.  Enjoy the cool breeze of the ocean, the profusion of flowers, and the the workmanship of local and foreign artists.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Panama/Catedral Metropolitana

This beautiful cathedral can be found right dab in the center of Casco Antiguo. It sits in front of the Plaza Catedral.  It is definitely worth a visit.

Sailing and Yacht Charters

Panama is virtually surrounded by water on all sides.  You have the Pacific Ocean on one side, the Caribbean on the other.  and the Panama Canal in the middle of the country. This is definitely a paradise for fishermen, boatmen, and any one who loves the water. If you are looking for aquatic adventures, Panama […]

Too Much Traffic

One of the biggest problems Panama has is the traffic.  As the city grows and expands out in every direction, the traffic only gets worse.  The government is trying to alleviate the problem by building a new subway system.  The construction of this new subway has only aggravated an already serious problem.  Many streets are […]

An Impressive Skyline

Every day a new building crops up on the already crowded skyline here in Panama.  As property becomes more scarce and more expensive, the buildings grow taller and taller.  Sometimes I hurt my neck trying to look up at these giants that loom over the city.

A Friendly Welcome

When you arrive at the Rainforest Discovery Center you will probably be welcomed by the center’s friendly ambassador, Mr. Rocky Raccoon.  He will follow you around, especially if he smells food.   If you let him get close enough, he will even check your pockets, backpack or purse.

Rainforest Discovery Center

If you go up the Pipeline Road, you will come to the Rainforest Discovery Center. It is an excellent place to bird watch and to admire  the luxuriant jungle foliage.

More on Gamboa

If you are looking for a jungle adventure but don’t want to travel far from the city, Gamboa is an excellent choice. You can traipse through the jungle via the Pipeline Road or you can take a boat ride on the Gatun Lake.  Whatever you choose to do, you will not be disappointed.

Panama Canal Transit

A Full View of the Hard Rock Hotel

This is what the Hard Rock Hotel looks like from the ground.  This 66 story building houses 1,500 rooms and suites.

At Dusk

A captivating view of the city at dusk.

Mi Ranchito

When visiting the Causeway make sure you stop off to eat at Mi Ranchito.  This open air restaurant is the perfect place to relax in the night air with an incredible view of the city lights sparkling over the bay. The food is scrumptious, even if the service is kind of slow.  It can get […]

Rino’s Ristorante

When you first walk into Rino’s, you may get the impression that your meal is going to cost you an arm and a leg.  Don’t let the lavish decor and the attentive service fool you.  The price is  affordable and the food is very good.  I usually start my meal off with the fried squid, […]

Athen’s Pizza

This delicious plate of Imam eggplant can only be experienced at Athen’s Pizza.It is baked with tomatoes, onions, oregano and topped with cheese.  It is served up with pan pita.  This succulent dish practically melts in your mouth.  Athen’s is an excellent place to eat, no matter what you decide to order.  It has a […]

Color Laden Balconies

Colorful flowers accentuate the beauty and the quaintness of the Casco Antiguo’s delicate architecture.

Profusion of Flowers

Come and immerse yourself in the profusion of multicolored flowers that dangle from the balconies in the Casco Antiguo.  Take a relaxing stroll through its quiet streets and let its old world charm take you back in time.


This old lighthouse still stands overlooking ships as they transit through the Panama Canal.  In the background, you can see a barge go peacefully on its way.  This is such a common sight here that we sometimes overlook the incredible engineering feat that makes that transit possible.

The Flat Arch Church

This beautiful stone church was constructed by Dominican friars and can be seen in Casco Antiguo on the corner of Avenue A and Third Street.

Hard Rock Hotel

One of the latest additions to the hotel industry here in Panama is the Hard Rock.  It’s neon sign can be seen flashing it’s changing colors over the city, beckoning tourists to lodge there.