We arrived after a 2 hour drive from Panama City. The hotel grounds are nice and the beach is pretty. We arrived right at check-in time so there was a line of about 5 people ahead of us. The line moved very slowly! We were in line for at least 30 or 40 minutes. Our own check-in process did not take long but apparently a large group had arrived and their rooms were not ready, so we had to wait until they were all sorted out. There were only 2 clerks checking people in so the whole thing just dragged on.
The room was really basic but it was spacious and the bed was very comfortable. It had a really pretty view of the ocean and of the entire pool area.
However, as we got to the room after check-in, we immediately noticed the bathroom floor was flooded and the room looked like it was cleaned in a rush. We quickly changed to go to the pool and told the cleaning crew about the flooded bathroom floor on our way down. When we came back around 7pm the floor was clean. However, as I jumped in the shower before heading to dinner, the bathroom floor started flooding again! After inspecting it, we figured out there was some sort of design flaw in the shower which made the water hit the shower sill in an area where it’s not caught by the shower curtain. We tried different things and it was very hard to keep the bathroom from flooding! We stopped at the lobby on our way to dinner to let the staff know the bathroom had flooded again and to please send someone to mop it up. We went back up to the room more than 2 hours later and it was still flooded. At this point we just wanted to go to bed so we just threw some towels on the floor. Same thing happened the next day. Long story short the bathroom flooded every time we showered. This hotel has been around for a long time, it seems to me this is the sort of issue you fix early on. What a nuisance!
Service at the bars and restaurants was pretty good. They had some decent mojitos at the pool bar and the beer was light tasting and refreshing, perfect for the very warm weather we experienced.
The food was alright. Nothing bad but nothing sticks out as being particularly good either. Just regular buffet food.
The pools were nice looking but a bit crowded. I only remember seeing 2 pools that were deep enough for adults, and they were not very large. There were plenty of lounge chairs but only a few of them had umbrellas.
All in all, we had a nice time but I don’t think we will be visiting this hotel again. It’s just not worth the hassle and there are other beach resorts in Panama where we’ve had a better experience.