My sister recently came to Panama for a short vacation.  She loves Casco Viejo, so I decided to try to book her a room in The American Trade Hotel. I had admired this beautifully renovated hotel from the outside, gazing through the huge windows to get a glimpse of its classy, elegant interior, but I had never entered. I was walking past the hotel with my dog and decided to go in to see if they had rooms available for the date of my sister’s visit.  I picked up my dog and politely asked the doorman if I could enter the hotel with her. He very kindly explained to me that the owner of the hotel is a huge dog lover and that my tiny chihuahua was more than welcome in the hotel.  I talked to the receptionist and she very efficiently secured a room for my sister with a balcony view of Plaza Herrera.  I was invited, along with my dog, to sit for a while and listen to a young musician play the harp.  This hotel is pure magic.  The people are friendly, the service is excellent and everything is top of the line. Take a look at some of the photos I took and check out their website.  The American Trade Hotel receives +Five Stars from me.